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Great lakes Journey
10 May, 2017
As part of the Sesquicentennial series Boro Lukajic reflects on his personal tunnelling experience under Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. The article features construction aspects of cooling water tunnels for nuclear stations
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Recognition 10 May, 2017 NAS TT-NW awarded TransCanada Corporation, CCI Inc., and Michels Canada the 2016 Northwest Trenchless Project of the Year for the Northern Courier Pipeline at its annual November conference. Crossing the Athabasca River is a milestone for the HDD Industry as the longest NPS 42 installation completed to date in North America, Patrick O’Donoghue, Michels Canada, and Samuel Wilson, CCI , report
Istanbul’s Import 10 May, 2017 Technical journalist Roland Herr presents two projects, a wastewater and a Metro tunnel, where TBMs from the newly rebranded Canadian-Chinese Lovsuns Tunneling Canada are deployed to bore much anticipated tunnels
Open up 10 May, 2017 As part of the Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer project a hanging system ensured a live 2.6mdiameter sewer could be successfully bypassed. Jordan Schreiner and Matthew Geary, ofHatch, and Stephen Marino, of The Regional Municipality of York report
Missed opportunities 18 April, 2017 Simon Burras of Applied Industrial System laments what are for him the three main missed opportunities to reduce cost of ownership on tunnel life safety systems.
An Italian job 18 April, 2017 Paola De Pascali talked with Antonio Nicola, a long-standing engineer at Salini-Impregilo, to get a look at the history and tunnelling experience of the company as it wins a major Australian project, the Forrestfield to Airport Link in Perth. The award was seen by some as a key moment for Italian companies and ideas working in the country
Santiago Expressway 18 April, 2017 This article looks at the challenges of constructing a tunnel in the urban environment of Santiago, through soils. The authors are Juan Kuster and Rossana Nuñez of Costanera Norte and Erik Chávez, José M Galera and Daniel Santos of Subterra Ingeniería
When millimetres make the difference 18 April, 2017 The case for larger diameter disc cutters is set out by Steve Smading and Desiree Willis of the Robbins Company
Fibreglass Jacking Pipe Upgrades Las Vegas Sewers 18 April, 2017 The Paradise Whitney Interceptor project is a 13-mile (21km) gravity sewer to increase capacity in the Las Vegas area. Built through sticky clay and collapsible soils, crews faced challenging work around existing underground utilities. This article looks at the fibreglass reinforced polymer mortar pipe chosen for the new installation
Amsterdam Over-Tunnel Construction 18 April, 2017 The October meeting of the British Tunnelling Society welcomed Robin Vervoorn of Witteveen + Bos
Bolaños Tunnel 18 April, 2017 An innovative stabilisation system has allowed contractor FCC-Acciona to stay on track boring the Bolaños Rail Tunnel, which is a critical part of Spain’s high speed rail expansion
Value your Signature 29 March, 2017 Martin Knights, an independent consultant and former president of the International Tunnelling Association, asks what lies beneath your signature in this reaction to a comment at the recent Harding Memorial Lecture, hosted by the British Tunnelling Society
ULM Approach Tunnel 29 March, 2017 Excavation of Germany’s Albabstieg tunnel was completed in December representinga major milestone in the creation of a new high speed rail line to Stuttgart

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