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Geothermal energy from safe rock zones
17 June, 2021
Writing for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Dr Benedikt Vogel looks at recent research aimed at enabling better and more efficient methods of extracting geothermal energy
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Seeing the invisible 17 June, 2021 Dr Andrius Rimsa, Loxus Consulting and Mikko Simola of Loxus 3D Tunnel inspections discuss the inspection and maintenance of flooded rock tunnels using ROVs with 3D sonar
Forensic delay analysis for dispute resolution 17 June, 2021 Dimitrios Tousiakis, delay expert and Director of HKA Dubai, looks at applying Linear Scheduling Methodology tools to simplify forensic delay analysis for dispute resolution
Crossing the roads 17 June, 2021 The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel expansion scheme will bring new life to the most congested route in Virginia. Julian Champkin reports
Groundwater control for tunnelling projects 17 June, 2021 Dr Martin Preene discusses the various dewatering techniques that are available for tunnels and shafts where uncontrolled groundwater ingress could cause disruption and increase costs
A tunnel for mining 17 June, 2021 At the British Tunnelling Society’s monthly talk in February, Craig Sewell and Jason Fawcett, both of Strabag, presented the North Yorkshire Polyhalite Project Mineral Transport System. Andrew Hindmarch was the rapporteur
Mining for success 17 June, 2021 This issue contains the proceedings of the BTS online talk on the Anglo American Woodsmith mine in North Yorkshire, England. As well as producing a valuable fertiliser (polyhalite), the project is also an impressive application of tunnelling in a ‘mining’ setting.
Defying the quakes 17 June, 2021 Reconstructing an existing dam and building new intakes, outtakes and spillway form part of an ambitious 10-year programme in the drought-hit and earthquake-prone Santa Clara Valley, California. George Demetri reports
Happening in Las Vegas 17 June, 2021 The Rapid Excavation and Tunnelling Conference 2021 looks set to be one of the first major in-person tunnel shows of the post-Covid era. Here is what is in store
The doors to success 17 June, 2021 Bernd Hagenah, Sean Cassady, Jesse Harder and Ana Ruiz-Jimenez of HNTB Corp discuss the benefits of and considerations for the implementation of platform edge doors in modern underground transit and metro rail systems
New generation FRC segments 10 May, 2021 Benoit de Rivaz, Technical Manager, Bekaert, France explains how the inclusion of steel fibres in precast concrete segments can bring environmental, economic and durability benefits
Handling the pressure 07 May, 2021 Christian Wieczorek, Managing Director of AST Bochum and engineer/technical writer Roland Herr discuss ways of connecting hoses safely to modern compressors and look at new solutions
Transferable asset 07 May, 2021 A technology developed for land-based tunnelling has found a new and expanding niche in bringing off-shore energy nearer to its consumers. Julian Champkin reports