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Safety of innovative vehicles in tunnels
21 February, 2017
Fathi Tarada, director of Mosen looks at the challenges facing tunnels with the onset of autonomous and other smart vehicles
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Bridging techniques 21 February, 2017 Adaptation of bridge replacement technology into the tunnelling sector has been implemented for two projects
Milan to Genoa high speed rail 21 February, 2017 Paola De Pascali visited the sites of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi project, the new high-speed Milan-Genoa railway line
Crossrail’s drilling rig 20 February, 2017 Crossrail is using a bespoke automated drilling rig for boring service connection holes, and fit out contractor ATC says that the investment has already paid off
Sewer overflow 20 February, 2017 A study for “Developing a Conceptual Framework for Linking Sewer Condition Assessment and Groundwater Infiltration” was completed in the summer of 2016 and highlights some of the sewerage network’s problems
Future down under 30 January, 2017 Tunnels and Tunnelling speaks with Rob Muley, general manager for tunnelling at John Holland to get his views on the company’s place in its home markets
A new lease of life 30 January, 2017 A scheme to re-open a disused Victorian railway tunnel in a Welsh valley could bring welcome tourism revenue to the region. Sally Spencer reports on the project to date
In the family 30 January, 2017 Paola De Pascali visited Rocksoil’s headquarters in Milan to talk Giuseppe Lunardi about the history and development of Rocksoil. Also included is a Q&A with Lunardi’s father, Pietro Lunardi, in which he notes the emerging potential for underground power plants
Going Live 30 January, 2017 Tunnellers must advance through a ring of frozen ground protecting a live railway in order to build the Rastatt Tunnel and create vital new capacity along this crucial European transport corridor
The bog standard 30 January, 2017 Tunnels and Tunnelling speaks with engineers working on the east renfrewshire water main project as Scottish Water aims to improve drinking water for 200,000 people
Utility placement 30 January, 2017 Tunnels and Tunnelling takes a trip to Herrenknecht in Schwanau and meets Michael Lubberger, senior product manager for pipelines to find out more about developments in the utility placement range
A world class giant 10 January, 2017 As part of Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017 T&T North America, in conjunction with the Tunnelling Association of Canada, is celebrating industry’s landmark underground projects. Boro Lukajic begins the six-part series with the Churchill Falls Generating Station
Marathon machine 10 January, 2017 Only one TBM is excavating the whole of the 45km DigIndy tunnel system. Robbins technical writer, Desiree Willis, explains how this refurbished machine will be up to the task and what it means for future projects of this size

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