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Sequential excavation method tunnelling
20 December, 2018
Sequential excavation method (sem) is a type of tunnel design and construction that started to gain popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. The essential component of the SEM approach is to take advantage of the natural capacity and strength of surrounding geology to support the tunnel with minimum cost and time required.
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UCT 2018 20 December, 2018 T&T’s guide to UCT and highlights from the technical sessions
TAC Awards 2018 20 December, 2018 From rising stars to nationally acclaimed projects, the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC) presents its annual awards each fall to recognize the deserving individuals and engineering accomplishments in the Canadian tunnelling sector. The 2018 awards were presented on November 8 in Edmonton.
Time to travel 20 December, 2018 Bauma, the largest trade fair in the world, opens its doors in April 2019 in Germany. This year it will feature Canada as the partner country. Event organizers Messe Munchen and VDMA invite readers to attend the show
Corridor Connections 20 December, 2018 Federal, state and other agencies are working to bring super conducting maglev technology to the United States with an initial rail line between D.C. and Baltimore. Nicole Robinson looks at what the projects entails and what the tunnelling industry can expect
Fixings in Tunnels: Safety and maintenance considerations 20 December, 2018 Panos Spyridis of the Technical University of Dortmund explores the best practice surrounding fixings anchored to concrete tunnel
Better Below 20 December, 2018 Critics cite delays and cost overruns when new infrastructure is being considered and at the root of this is often construction impeded by issues with utilities. A new emphasis on underground utility engineering looks for ways to better cope with the urban subsurface, Nicole Robinson reports
West Gate Tunnel 20 December, 2018 Paola De Pascali talked with Shane D’Rozario, technical director from West Gate Tunnel Authority, and Andrew Shepherd, tunnel zone manager from CPBJH joint venture, about the main challenges they expect to meet during the construction of the West Gate Tunnel
Getting Clearance 20 December, 2018 Navigating existing infrastructure above and below ground, Dragados/ Tomlinson has completed the first of two drives for a new stormwater storage system in Ottawa. Nicole Robinson reports
Compressibe Corners 20 December, 2018 Following reader requests, Alex Conacher visits the VIP-Polymers manufacturing base near Cambridge, UK to learn why a Cast-in gasket’s corners needs to be compressible, not ‘soft’, no matter what specifications currently say
Getting a picture 22 November, 2018 Fugro’s Rod Eddies, Simon Brightwell and Ray Wood discuss how tunnelling risks related to the ground and built structure can be managed into better stakeholder outcomes - such as accelerated construction, extended asset life and optimised return on investment - through integrated and appropriately phased use of modern geoscientific technologies
The difference is in the detail 22 November, 2018 The tender process of the Rijnlandroute tunnel project in the West of the Netherlands adopted the Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT) principle. This meant that the pricing offer of all bidders was reduced to a certain degree, based upon each bidder’s score for predefined criteria. Criteria such as reduction of hindrance, reduction of risks and request for a damage-free lining led to an incentive for innovation
A New Life for Abotunnel 22 November, 2018 Paola De Pascali spoke with Marcelo Alfaro, chair of the Bolivian Tunnelling Society to understand their challenges and to explore their future plans as the society prepares to relaunch