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Silent Sentinels on watch in The Hague
22 September, 2020
Challenging municipal requirements were met using advanced instrumentation to provide accurate geomonitoring of road tunnels in the Netherlands
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Innovation in wireless remote condition monitoring 22 September, 2020 Simon Brightwell and Markus Rennen of Senceive explain how wireless remote condition-monitoring can provide early warning of a wide variety of subterranean changes in tunnels and so help drive subsequent data-based decisions
Mexico’s Megatunnel 22 September, 2020 It is the world’s largest sewage project and has faced issues which mega projects of this nature usually face in terms of geology, delivery and budget. But T&T’s Julian Champkin finds that Mexico City’s Emisor Oriente is a triumph nevertheless
Connecting HS2 at Euston 22 September, 2020 Work on the UK’s new HS2 high-speed rail line is on track. Emma Hale and Christoph Eberle of Mott MacDonald describe one of the line’s first underground structures to be built in London
Improving Shotcrete’s Green Credentials 22 September, 2020 Sprayed concrete has been used for many years. Yet like all concrete, it has environmental drawbacks. Julian Champkin spoke with Dr Alun Thomas on ways to improve the carbon footprint of shotcrete tunnels
Tunnelling Under Live Loads 21 September, 2020 Tunnel and Underpass Projects beneath live railroads and highways are among the most sensitive and complicated underground projects in terms of design, construction, monitoring and, most importantly, safety. However, a good number of projects in this category have enough cover (preferably a minimum of a half to one tunnel diameter) to allow conventional tunnelling techniques to be implemented without any major risk to the travelling public.
Building tunnels in the 19th century 21 September, 2020 In June, Peter Harris, Director Tunnels and Civil Engineering COWI UK, gave to an online BTS audience a fascinating and scholarly presentation on how the Victorians built their tunnels. Ivor Thomas reports
Conexpo 2020 21 September, 2020 A visit to the Conexpo show in Las Vegas in March saw the US equipment industry in bullish mood, despite concerns about the coronavirus
Tunnel of steel nears completion 21 September, 2020 Another significant milestone has been achieved in the project to repair the longest tunnel in the world
A lighter look at belting 21 September, 2020 Jason Schneider of Tennessee-based Cobra America outlines the salient features of a new type of conveyor belt material claimed to result in economies and greater safety for the work force
Building the mixed-ground mega tunnel 21 September, 2020 Roberto Gonzalez of The Robbins Company outlines the challenges and solutions on Mexico’s Emisor Oriente, one of the country’s most specialised projects with possibly the toughest, most complex conditions ever encountered by EPB TBMs
Muck disposal on a grand scale 25 August, 2020 Tideway (the so-called ‘super sewer’) is the biggest water infrastructure project in Europe and aims to rid the River Thames of millions of tonnes of raw sewage inflows every year. Julian Champkin reports on the progress so far
Ground freezing 25 August, 2020 Artificial ground freezing is an environmentally-friendly construction technique which provides temporary excavation support and groundwater control during tunnel construction. This method comes into its own when tunnels and shafts need to be built in difficult geological and hydrological ground conditions.