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Out with the old and in with the NIT 06 February, 2012 Keeping the water flowing is the soul objective of the New Irvington Tunnel as the old struggles against the constant threat of a major earthquake. Nicole Robinson was on site in San Francisco to see the roadheader excavating the 3.5 mile (5.6km) of tough and changing geology drive > read more

New world's largest for northern Russia 26 December, 2011 Plans were recently announced to utilise the world's largest diameter TBM to bore a highway tunnel under the Rive Neva in St Petersburg, Russia, to alleviate seasonal road and river traffic problems. Mikhail Ryzhevskiy of the project concessionaire, LLC Nevskaya Concession Company, explains the background and plans for the project soon to commence

Full steam to the finish 19 December, 2011 The TBM mining the five-and-ahalf-mile South Cobb Tunnel in Georgia holed through in March of this year, despite hurricanes and unseasonal winter weather along its journey. This milestone came roughly one year ahead of schedule. Nicole Robinson reports on the success at South Cobb

Moving forward in Miami 19 December, 2011 The Port of Miami Tunnel’s journey from initial concept to financial close has not been simple. With the 12.8m diameter TBM finally in the ground Nicole Robinson talks to Rick Wilson, COO and technical manager of the Port of Miami Tunnel project, about site preparation just days before the massive machine begins its journey

Pinglu’s pipe 10 November, 2011 The latest stage of the Yellow River Diversion Project in China, was undertaken by a single TBM on a long drive through difficult ground conditions, reports Patrick Reynolds

Raisebore upgrade drives Edilmac on 10 November, 2011 Specialist contractor Edilmac dei Fratelli Maccabelli has been busy putting to work an upgraded Atlas Copco Robbins 73R with a new variable frequency drive and other package components. Maurice Jones reports from Edilmac’s headquarters and the Sedrina limestone mine in Bergamo, Italy

LED migration 19 October, 2011 Upgrades to the lighting at the Detroit Windsor Tunnel and its port of entry have called for LEDs to improve quality and save money. Presented by Mark Ireland, project manager for Motor City Electric Company, and John Bigger, architect for JC Beal Construction

Shinagawa’s shaftless shield 20 September, 2011 The Shinagawa project is 8km from the dense, metropolitan centre of Tokyo, Japan and must contend with the difficulties inherent in tunnelling under the world’s largest megacity. Yasuhito Yokoi, Tsutomu Kimura, Atsushi Kagawa, Satoru Kawauchi and Keizo Miki, all of contractor Obayashi Corporation, present this article on the first use of a surface-launched TBM in Japan

Holding back to push forward 21 July, 2011 A TBM smashed by monsoons and a face so hard that at maximum thrust it was worn smooth as glass. Jon Young delves in to the challenges of delivering the longest tunnel without intermediate access in the world

Bangalore’s first bore 20 July, 2011 The first slurry TBM to be used in India has launched on the Bangalore east-west metro. Jon Young attends the launching ceremony

Complexities of conveyance 15 June, 2011 Robbins technical writer Desiree Willis argues why continuous conveyors work in tough TBM-driven tunnels

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