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November 2018


Rules of Thumb: Auger boring
01 November 2018 Tackling various ground conditions and often offering comparably lower costs than other trenchless methods, columnist Keivan Rafie explains considerations for auger boring

A word to the wise
01 November 2018 Mark Knight, associate professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and executive director of CATT, at at the University of Waterloo, reviews geotechnical considerations for new trenchless construction projects.

01 November 2018 Greg Austin, marketing director, and Xia Cao, principal scientist, of GCP Applied Technologies discuss using waterproofing with shotcrete in underground construction

Concrete evidence
01 November 2018 T&T looks at developments in concrete and related materials

Take initiative
01 November 2018 Lindsey Gauthier, research assistant, and Lana Gutwin, research coordinator, both of CETT, outline the work and research of the consortium, which is part of the University of Alberta

Getting clearance
01 November 2018 Navigating existing infrastructure above and below ground, Dragados/ Tomlinson has completed the first of two drives for a new stormwater storage system in Ottawa. Nicole Robinson reports

October 2018


Under the dam
26 October 2018 Paola De Pascali spoke with Tony Dell, lead geotechnical engineer at SNC-Lavalin to discuss the excavation of the John Hart powerhouse and tunnels, including an unexpected soft ground surprise

TAC Directors’ Annual Reports
26 October 2018 Each regional director for the TAC writes a report in October sharing the status of work and forthcoming projects in the five chapters across Canada

Collaboration, communication, competence
08 October 2018 Bob Ibell, former chair of London Bridge Associates and the British Tunnelling Society, delivered his Harding Lecture in June of this year. The lecture is given by an eminent speaker in the UK, usually every two years, in honour of Sir Harold Harding, the founding chair of the BTS. Alex Conacher produced this account of the talk, which reflected on 50 years in the industry and makes suggestions about where it should be going

Double up
08 October 2018 Paola De Pascali spoke with Gustavo Bomben, Fama’s owner to understand the value of a multi performance gasket in the presence of hydrocarbon contamination

The bypass is back
08 October 2018 Paola De Pascali talked with two directors of Autostrade per l’Italia, Roberto Tomasi and Alberto Selleri to explore the Genoa bypass project and its geological challenges amongst a large presence of asbestos

Neelum Jhelum TBM recovery
08 October 2018 Gary Peach and Bruce Ashcroft of Multiconsult Norge AS look at works relating to TBM recovery after a severe rockburst event on the Neelum Jhelum project in the Himalayas

TDUK turns one
08 October 2018 Think Deep UK celebrated its first anniversary this summer. Paola De Pascali attended

Crushing it
05 October 2018 In extremely hard rock, finely-tuned TBM operation is the key, finds Desiree Willis

September 2018


Metropolitana Di Napoli
21 September 2018 Paola De Pascali talked to Giuseppe Molisso, Ansaldo’s project director, about challenges met during construction of Naples Metro Line 6, situated in a dense historical and artistic environment

Tunnellers wanted
21 September 2018 Alex Conacher interviews Ivor Thomas, tunnel manager for Bam Nuttall, who has spent the past couple of months transitioning from vice chair to chair of the BTS. He will lead the society until 2020

Steering the ship
21 September 2018 Alex Conacher speaks with Mark Leggett of Mott MacDonald as he takes the immediate past chair position at the British Tunnelling Society and looks back on his two years at the helm

Helical lining
21 September 2018 Behzad Khorshidi, of McNally Construction presents a lining system comprising a single helical ring installed during TBM advance

Advanced Tunnel modelling
05 September 2018 Ioannis Vazaios of Queens University and Nicholas Vlachopoulos of the Royal Military College of Canada discuss the modelling of diverse tunnelling conditions and integration of the appropriate numerical modelling technique into the design process

Risk management in major projects
05 September 2018 Four speakers from across the tunnelling industry gave their perspectives on the management of risk in tunnelling and major infrastructure projects at the October 19 British Tunnelling Society meeting. Bill Grose introduced the topic and set the scene with lessons from history, Kevin Province spoke about catastrophic events and some observations on best practice, Nigel Legge discussed causes of tunnelling failures and methods of risk management, and Patrick Barney gave the perspective of the insurance industry. This report was prepared by Martyn Noak of CH2M