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March 2019


Moncalieri extension
08 March 2019 Paola De Pascali talked with Lombardi Ingegneria technical director, Alessandro Damiani and CMC project manager Lorenzo Fiorentino about the challenges met during excavation of the Metro Line 1 extension in Turin, Italy

To the next century
08 March 2019 Alex Conacher visits the Elan Valley Aqueduct project in Wales, where tunnellers are constructing three bypass sections adjacent to the existing Victorian asset

Trenchless methods: Which one works best for your project?
04 March 2019 Trenchless methods are ways to install, repair, and renew underground pipes, ducts, and cables with minimal or no excavations from the surface.

Corner component
01 March 2019 Peter Tiedemann, Datwyler’s product manager, tunnel and tracks – Americas, discusses requirements for custom gasket corners in segmental tunnel construction. The solution is being used on the Blacksnake Creek project in Missouri

Gap year
01 March 2019 Tunnelling begins this year for the City of Louisville. Nicole Robinson reports on the Waterway Protection Tunnel

February 2019


Tunnel construction impacts on utility pipelines
12 February 2019 The lecture was presented at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 19th January 2017. Dr. Barry New was introduced by Lord Robert Mair. This paper is based on the lecture and contains further supporting material and analyses.

January 2019


A peach of a pit
24 January 2019 Overcoming obstacles and transforming an enormous quarry for Atlanta’s Water Supply Program

Recognising the bentonite machine
24 January 2019 Paola De Pascali visited John Bartlett following his being awarded the Frank Whittle Medal for the invention of the bentonite tunnelling machine

In sync
24 January 2019 The successful logistics of staging four TBMs from one location has enabled the first pair of machines to make a breakthrough near Oslo, ahead of schedule. Nicole Robinson reports on the Follo Line’s first major milestone

Underground electrification
24 January 2019 Paola De Pascali attended the “Power Change Days” event in Sweden, organised by Epiroc, to discover one company’s approach to the coming battery revolution

Flood control
24 January 2019 Paola De Pascali talked with the technical director of Lombardi, Alessandro Damiani and Pierfrancesco Redaelli engineer of PAC, about the challenges met during the excavation of a water diversion tunnel in Genoa

Tube banks on overhead crane
24 January 2019 A major upgrade to one of the world’s oldest deep underground railways, at Bank in London, relies on a single overhead crane nestled in a side street. Positioning the crane, and the logistics of its operation, posed a considerable challenge. Will North reports from the site, and sees how the crane contributes to work below ground.

December 2018


Sequential excavation method tunnelling
20 December 2018 Sequential excavation method (sem) is a type of tunnel design and construction that started to gain popularity in the 1960s and 1970s. The essential component of the SEM approach is to take advantage of the natural capacity and strength of surrounding geology to support the tunnel with minimum cost and time required.

UCT 2018
20 December 2018 T&T’s guide to UCT and highlights from the technical sessions

TAC Awards 2018
20 December 2018 From rising stars to nationally acclaimed projects, the Tunnelling Association of Canada (TAC) presents its annual awards each fall to recognize the deserving individuals and engineering accomplishments in the Canadian tunnelling sector. The 2018 awards were presented on November 8 in Edmonton.

Time to travel
20 December 2018 Bauma, the largest trade fair in the world, opens its doors in April 2019 in Germany. This year it will feature Canada as the partner country. Event organizers Messe Munchen and VDMA invite readers to attend the show

Corridor Connections
20 December 2018 Federal, state and other agencies are working to bring super conducting maglev technology to the United States with an initial rail line between D.C. and Baltimore. Nicole Robinson looks at what the projects entails and what the tunnelling industry can expect

Fixings in Tunnels: Safety and maintenance considerations
20 December 2018 Panos Spyridis of the Technical University of Dortmund explores the best practice surrounding fixings anchored to concrete tunnel

Better Below
20 December 2018 Critics cite delays and cost overruns when new infrastructure is being considered and at the root of this is often construction impeded by issues with utilities. A new emphasis on underground utility engineering looks for ways to better cope with the urban subsurface, Nicole Robinson reports

West Gate Tunnel
20 December 2018 Paola De Pascali talked with Shane D’Rozario, technical director from West Gate Tunnel Authority, and Andrew Shepherd, tunnel zone manager from CPBJH joint venture, about the main challenges they expect to meet during the construction of the West Gate Tunnel