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June 2020


A good dose of fibre
11 June 2020 Steel fibre-reinforced concrete and its historic use in metro tunnels was the subject of discussion at a seminar hosted by steel-fibre maker Bekaert. Paola De Pascali reports

Impacts of extreme weather on tunneling
11 June 2020 One of the most noticeable results of global warming is an increase in the strength and occurrence of extreme weather events around the world. Many studies now show that more frequent heatwaves, heavy rain, snowfalls, and hurricanes are expected over the next few decades. This new reality requires more careful site and logistical planning for heavy civil projects – especially tunnelling sites – where extreme weather can have a significant impact in many different ways.

Crossover TBMS Tackle Mumbai Challenges
11 June 2020 JP Bayart, Jim Clark and John McNally of The Robbins Company report on the progress of two TBMs boring through challenging mixed ground conditions on Mumbai’s metro

A new type of Indian Jumbo
11 June 2020 An advanced automated tunnelling jumbo is excavating a 15.1km tunnel on a flagship railway project in northern India. Beatrice Rispal of Sandvik reports

Finally back on track
11 June 2020 HS2 has at last been given the green light, following the notice to proceed which is enabling four joint ventures to finalise their designs. Julian Champkin reports

Tunnelling North
10 June 2020 Nordøyvegen is a spectacular engineering project which will connect five Norwegian islands to the mainland with tunnels and bridges. Julian Champkin spoke with Lars Erik Skjolden, the project’s chief engineer

Banging the drum
10 June 2020 Kate Cooksey has just assumed the chair of the British Tunnelling Society, as only the first female ever to do so. Here she talks to George Demetri about her career and aspirations for the BTS

May 2020


Take two
26 May 2020 Brent Scarbrough & Company stepped in to finish a job under an active highway and a high-pressure gas main. Chad Cox reports on jack and bore work in Florida

Wet weather ready
26 May 2020 The Don River and Central Waterfront Project will help improve Toronto’s waterways by reducing CSOs. The project team provides an update on the Coxwell Bypass Tunnel

Burnhamthorpe Water Project
21 May 2020 Nicole Robinson reports on Mississauga’s efforts to improve its water and sewerage network, ahead of LRT construction.

NATM in Toronto
21 May 2020 As metro stations are located deeper underground construction techniques are meeting new challenges. Tony Tomory, country director, WJ Groundwater Canada, discusses dewatering for the Eglinton Crosstown project.

The Avon House Case
19 May 2020 Paola De Pascali talked with Paul Perry, associate director of Hewson consulting Engineers, about the infamous case of Avon House at the Bond Street Station Upgrade (BSSU) project and how it represents an example of sensitive building, which required a detailed investigation and mitigation measures

In the maze
19 May 2020 Paola De Pascali spoke with the deputy project director at MMC-Gamuda Hau Wei Ng about the challenges being faced at the SSP Line in Kuala Lumpur

The Calculus of Tunnelling
19 May 2020 Jason Kolenda, geotechnical engineer and laboratory testing department manager for EBA Engineering looks at the challenges of scheduling and delivery

Grout or Slurry
14 May 2020 Non-continuous pressurised TBM tunnelling with grouting offers great benefits over slurry when tunnelling through rock with the potential for high water pressure. Robbins owner Lok Home makes the case

Spotlight Seattle
14 May 2020 The fast-growing city is under pressure to provide congestion relief to crowded streets and affordable housing. New tunnel projects are being designed to do both, Nicole Robinson reports.

Subsurface storage system
14 May 2020 Underground construction in Montreal is helping the city meet increasing transit system demand. Jean Habimana, Hatch, discusses the Garage Cote Vertu project

April 2020


Lifting from below
27 April 2020 While the use of cranes underground may be limited, when they are used, specific adaptations are often required. Ian Vallely spoke to tunnelling experts about their requirements, and crane companies who’ve met these demands

BS 6164:2019
27 April 2020 The British Standard for health and safety in tunnelling in the construction industry (BS6164) was revised last year. The man in charge of the project, Donald Lamont of Hyperbaric and Tunnel Safety, speaks with Alex Conacher

Hand arm vibration
27 April 2020 Construction puts wellness and the protection of the workforce right at the top of the agenda. Why is no progress being made on the UK’s highest reported workplace disease: hand arm vibration syndrome? This report was prepared by Reactec, which develops systems to measure the problem.