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May 2019


Ear to the ground
07 May 2019 Arne Berndt, owner of SoundPlan International assesses options for reducing noise in tunnelling operations

Triumph in Turkey
07 May 2019 Desiree Willis, technical writer for TBM manufacturer Robbins, discusses work on the Gerede Water Transmission Tunnel in Turkey.

Deepest and Longest
07 May 2019 Yves Boissonnas, head of tunnelling at Sika Europe Management, the guest speaker at the January BTS lecture, provided a presentation on the Gotthard Base Tunnel

Basque Y
06 May 2019 Paola De Pascali looks at the Basque Y network in Spain that is set to reduce travel times between the regional capitals and to connect Spanish and European high speed networks.

Shaft construction and support methods
01 May 2019 The importance of minimizing public impact and the need to avoid interfering with other structures and utilities in the area often requires the design and construction of vertical shafts during a tunnelling project.

Fire safety
01 May 2019 This article is a reprint of the paper first published in the Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security, Borås, Sweden, 14-16 March, 2018, and presented as a keynote address there. The article has been abridged from the original paper.

April 2019


Hybrid Strength
30 April 2019 In just under a year, the TBM excavating the Ohio Canal Interceptor in Akron made its big breakthrough. Paola De Pascali reports on the mixed ground project.

Head to the lake
29 April 2019 Construction started this year on the City of Toronto’s Ashbridges Bay Treatment Plant Outfall at Lake Ontario. Andre Solecki, Riley McMillan and Kai Fung, of Hatch, and Justyna Kempa-Teper with the City of Toronto discuss the design challenges for the project.

The big conversion
12 April 2019 Paola De Pascali spoke with Florent Detraux, tunnel construction manager at Vinci Construction Grand Projets, about the conversion of an NFM TBM to use Herrenknecht Variable Density technology on the third metro line Phase 4A in Cairo

Helsinki spreads west
12 April 2019 Paola De Pascali talked with Salminen Jukka principal designer of rock engineering at Pöyry’s to understand how the Western Metro is being extended from Matinkylä to Kivenlahti

Remaking Nepal
12 April 2019 Alex Conacher travelled to the Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project in Nepal, where, in a world first, tunnellers are driving a TBM through the Himalayan Siwalik geology. Once complete the project will unlock irrigation and hydropower potential in the region.

International Iberia
10 April 2019 Paola De Pascali interviews Spanish infrastructure companies and the Spanish Association of Tunnels and Underground Works to understand how the financial crisis affected the tunnelling industry and how the companies became active abroad, getting a strong presence on the international tunnelling market.

SCL optimisation at bank – a combined lining approach
10 April 2019 The Bank Station upgrade project made use of a combined lining system, comprising primary and secondary fibre-reinforced sprayed concrete linings. This paper highlights the design considerations for different components of the combined lining.

Welcome to Naples
10 April 2019 Andrea Pigorini, president of Italy’s national tunnelling body SIG welcomes the industry to Naples for the 2019 World Tunnel Congress

March 2019


Fixings in Tunnels: Safety and maintenance considerations
20 March 2019 Panos Spyridis of the Technical University of Dortmund explores the best practice surrounding fixings anchored to concrete tunnel

Moncalieri extension
08 March 2019 Paola De Pascali talked with Lombardi Ingegneria technical director, Alessandro Damiani and CMC project manager Lorenzo Fiorentino about the challenges met during excavation of the Metro Line 1 extension in Turin, Italy

To the next century
08 March 2019 Alex Conacher visits the Elan Valley Aqueduct project in Wales, where tunnellers are constructing three bypass sections adjacent to the existing Victorian asset

Trenchless methods: Which one works best for your project?
04 March 2019 Trenchless methods are ways to install, repair, and renew underground pipes, ducts, and cables with minimal or no excavations from the surface.

Corner component
01 March 2019 Peter Tiedemann, Datwyler’s product manager, tunnel and tracks – Americas, discusses requirements for custom gasket corners in segmental tunnel construction. The solution is being used on the Blacksnake Creek project in Missouri

Gap year
01 March 2019 Tunnelling begins this year for the City of Louisville. Nicole Robinson reports on the Waterway Protection Tunnel