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Flood free facelift 08 February, 2012 Constructing a mile-long tunnel in downtown Austin, Texas, will provide flood protection at Waller Creek, and an environmental regeneration, Nicole Robinson reports > read more

From sea to shining sea 06 February, 2012 Demand for tunnels in North America is strong to meet public transportation and water conveyance needs. Nicole Robinson highlights projects in the region

Mexico’s mega dig 26 December, 2011 Work is underway on Mexico’s largest infrastructure project: the Emisor Oriente. Robbins vice president Joe Roby and Mexico general manager Roberto Gonzalez explain how the wastewater tunnel will save a sinking city

Overlooking the south 20 December, 2011 Compared to other regions of the U.S. and Canada there are few large-scale projects in the southeast, but that may not be the case for long, Nicole Robinson reports

Immersed in planning 19 December, 2011 Plans for a new immersed tube tunnel in Virginia are underway and the contractual agreement to build it is near. Nicole Robinson looks into the design of the new Midtown Tunnel

Crossroad metro 10 November, 2011 A major underground metro development programme is underway in Zhengzhou, central China, which is set to become an even more important city hub in the national rail network, reports Patrick Reynolds

Brenner push 19 October, 2011 Excavation and procurement are advancing at the Brenner Base Tunnel with the third exploratory tube contract due to be awarded shortly and planning continuing for the main bores in the Alps. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Hitting the lake 18 August, 2011 Excavation has started on the raw water tunnels for a new water treatment plant in Austin, Texas, with challenging intake construction at Lake Travis just around the corner, Nicole Robinson reports

A delicate dance 17 August, 2011 As the City of Austin bids the Jollyville transmission main for its new water treatment plant, Nicole Robinson examines the many precautions being taken in this sensitive environment

Whether the weather is wet or dry 16 August, 2011 Constructing a mile-long tunnel in downtown Austin, Texas, will provide flood protection at Waller Creek, and an environmental facelift, Nicole Robinson reports

Long tunnels for the Longhorn state 15 August, 2011 In the southwest, Texas is making work in a region not known for big tunnelling projects, Nicole Robinson reports

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