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At home in the Hoghouse 31 August, 2012 Working on New York’s mega-projects, one Sandhog, Bradley Gill, local 147, shares his experience ‘Shaping’ and helping to build the nation’s largest subway tunnels. Nicole Robinson reportsive > read more

Thomas Albert Turner 16 August, 2012 Thomas Albert Turner was tragically killed on June 11 in an accident at the Lake Mead Intake No. Three project in Nevada. His friends remember the man

New appointments: September 07 September, 2011 The latest recruitment news from around the voluntary sector.

‘Tommy’ Talbott, as he was known 29 July, 2011

The end of one man’s era at Halcrow, marks a UK tunnelling legacy 28 July, 2011

Gauge the strain 14 June, 2011 Following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake off the east coast of Japan, surface devastation in the country has been extreme. The desolation left by the tsunami, and subsequent losses of power has made it difficult to communicate, let alone begin to pick up the pieces left by one of the greatest natural disasters in Japan’s history. Alex Conacher speaks to the chair of a committee that means to do just that, Toshihiro Asakura, professor at Kyoto University and chair of the Special Committee for the Tunnel Disaster by the East Japan Earthquake

Driving a life balance 13 April, 2011

Not a job for everybody 14 March, 2011

A consultant and a gentleman 18 January, 2011

Making Mexico’s Metro 11 November, 2010

From Tokyo dream to Turkish delight 19 October, 2010

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