About Us

First published in 1969, Tunnels & Tunnelling International (T&TI) continues to hold the highest reputation of any magazine in the field of tunnelling. That experience and knowledge means we can offer you an unrivalled and totally dedicated magazine that reaches the right companies and contacts around the world.

Our editorial team through face to face contact with clients, project development groups, consulting engineers, contractors and equipment and material suppliers means this monthly publication is a comprehensive record of what’s new, what’s in the planning stage, what’s ready to bid and what’s in construction; keeping today’s tunneling professional informed and ahead. Now over 40 years old, T&TI is found on construction sites all around the world and is one of the few journals that is archived for future reference by nearly all of its subscribers.

T&TI is owned by World Market Intelligence, premium information and marketing solution company focused on the provision of high quality information and software solutions to drive business success.