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Bauer launches compact underground slurry wall system
29 July, 2021 Germany-based Bauer has launched what it claims is a “truly global innovation” for constructing diaphragm (slurry) walls which allows subway stations to be built under existing buildings, so providing new possibilities for engineers and architects.
  • Buried Tideway TBM allows milestone breakthrough
    Tideway has announced that TBM Millicent, which had been due to complete her drive toward the shaft at Carnwath Road Riverside Site in Fulham, London, has instead been turned and buried to allow the construction of a short connection tunnel.
  • Metro Tunnel TBM dismantling underway
    Following the completion of tunnelling in May 2021, the four slurry TBMs which since April 2020 have been excavating Melbourne’s Metro Tunnel are now being retrieved from underground.
  • Work well underway on first HS2 shaft
    Engineers working on the UK’s new high-speed railway (HS2) have begun excavating the first of five ventilation and emergency access shafts for the 16km-long tunnels being bored under the Chiltern Hills.


Getting the right fix
27 July, 2021 Panos Spyridis, engineer and professor of fastening and assembly technologies at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany, clarifies various aspects of the design, specification and installation of fixings for tunnel projects
  • Delivering Selina
    Shannon O’Keeffe, Senior Tunnel Agent for Costain Engineering looks at the complex logistics that were initiated to ensure the successful delivery of a TBM to a Thameside site for the boring of Tideway (Eastern Section)
  • Florence and Cecilia set off
    HS2 is the largest transport infrastructure project in Europe. Julian Champkin had a lightening tour of the Chiltern Tunnel portal to see the first of the ten TBMs that will work on the project’s 51km twin-tunnels
  • Factory for Fehmarn
    Main construction has started at Fehmarn for the world’s longest immersed tube tunnel. Report by Patrick Reynolds
  • All-In-One Survey Solution Drives Efficiencies, Accuracies During Construction
    Like others in the infrastructure construction space, tunnel contractors are under increasing pressure to deliver projects faster to meet the needs of growing communities. History has shown that speed, accuracy and above all safety in these highly complex endeavors can only be achieved with help from technology, for both surveyors and contractors.