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TfL takes on TUCA
23 March, 2017 Great Britain – Transport for London (TfL) will take over the running of Crossrail’s Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy. The UK’s only publicly owned transportation operator signed a contract with Prospect’s College of Advanced Technology to run the academy.
  • Silvertown shortlist announced
    Great Britain – Transport for London (TfL) has announced the three companies who have been shortlisted to design, finance, build and maintain the Silvertown Tunnel – a new twin-bore road tunnel proposed for east London.
  • Femern signs consultancy contracts
    Germany/Denmark – Femern has signed contracts with Ramboll-Arup-TEC JV for the supply of client consultancy services and with ÅF – Hansen & Henneberg for the supply of in-house consultancy services. The contracts cover consultancy services and technical support for the establishment of the fixed link across the Fehmarnbelt.
  • Alun Thomas joins Minova
    EMEA - Alun Thomas has moved to Minova, becoming director of the company’s tunnelling activities for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). He was previously at Danish consultant Ramboll.


Safety of innovative vehicles in tunnels
21 February, 2017 Fathi Tarada, director of Mosen looks at the challenges facing tunnels with the onset of autonomous and other smart vehicles
  • Bridging techniques
    Adaptation of bridge replacement technology into the tunnelling sector has been implemented for two projects
  • Milan to Genoa high speed rail
    Paola De Pascali visited the sites of the Terzo Valico dei Giovi project, the new high-speed Milan-Genoa railway line
  • Crossrail’s drilling rig
    Crossrail is using a bespoke automated drilling rig for boring service connection holes, and fit out contractor ATC says that the investment has already paid off
  • Sewer overflow
    A study for “Developing a Conceptual Framework for Linking Sewer Condition Assessment and Groundwater Infiltration” was completed in the summer of 2016 and highlights some of the sewerage network’s problems


Peak Demand
16 February, 2017
  • Who gets to work
    Voters in the US, particularly rural, uneducated voters, have said their support for president elect Donald Trump comes not from a place of hate, misogyny, homophobia, Islamophobia, racism, nor a disdain of liberal elitism. Their support is for his plan to bring manufacturing back to US soil, to create more jobs through lifting moratoriums on pipelines and natural resource extraction projects, and by building infrastructure—be it roads, wastewater or the notorious wall with Mexico.
  • Stonehenge sold short?
    The Stonehenge Tunnel has reared its head once again. New plans have been green-lit by the government and it appears the shorter tunnel option, a 2.9km bore, is the favourite.
  • Blanka Two
    Rumblings from the City Hall of Prague suggest a new tunnel complex may be planned for the Czech capital. The story was broken in late November by the economicsfocused Prague daily newspaper ‘Hospodárské noviny’. The project hopes to complete the Prague’s inner ring road and resolve the city’s traffic problems. According to the newspaper, around CZK 80M (USD 3.14M) has been put aside for design and study preparations in 2017. Of course the Final project will be far more, around CZK 50bn (USD 1.97bn) according to early estimates.
  • Dust to dust
    No matter, the type of infrastructure, going underground is preferable in most cases, but really the choice is made due to limited or costly surface space. The choice to go underground is a necessity to meet the demands of a growing population.


    25 Apr 2017 - 29 Apr 2017