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ADS appoints new CEO
21 August, 2017 US - Advanced Drainage Systems (ADS) announced August 17 several leadership changes in accordance with its previously communicated succession plan, which will become effective September 1.
  • New Hochtief UK managing director
    United Kingdom - Lawrence Jackson has been appointed as Managing Director of Hochtief (UK) Construction after former Managing Director, Sally Cox, stepped down.
  • Tunnels and Tunnelling Project Listings 2017
    The Tunnels and Tunnelling Annual Listings is introducing an improved format. This year in addition to the usual corporate details, companies have the opportunity to list sample projects showcasing their expertise and innovation in a practical way.
  • Hobas and Flowtite merger approved
    Austria – August saw the European Commission approve the merger of Hobas and Flowtite. The companies, owned by Amiantit and Wietersdorfer respectively, are pipe manufacturers.
  • Brockville tunnel reopens on Saturday
    Ontario - Canada's first railroad tunnel, in Brockville, Ontario, reopens on Saturday, August 12, following restoration work converting it to a recreational space connected to the city's trail system.


Tuca part two
21 August, 2017 Part of Crossrail’s legacy is the training academy it set up in 2011 to address the skills shortage. Sally Spencer reports
  • Balancing the old with the new
    Creating Thessaloniki’s first ever metro system means striking a balance between preserving historic artefacts and delivering a state of the art public transport system
  • Giulia viggiani
    Paola De Pascali interviewed Giulia Viggiani, the new professor of infrastructure geotechnics at Cambridge University as she enters the UK tunnelling industry. She joins the university as Robert Mair becomes president of the Institution of Civil Engineers
  • WTC bergen
    The World Tunnel Congress was held at the northern extreme of Europe this year as the Norwegian Tunnelling Society (NFF) welcomed 1,550 delegates to the colourful coastal town of Bergen
  • Draw from Experience
    Wellpoint installation under hydraulic pressure for dewatering for cross passage construction on Toronto’s Eglinton Crosstown LRT project


Give the devil his due
21 August, 2017 Tunnelling unnerves a lot of people. Whether it’s something about the thought of a large hole being dug beneath the foundations of their property, the disruption of a few years of construction work, or the general idea of infrastructure being driven through a pleasant environment, it worries people. Especially environmental pressure groups.
  • Magic Numbers
    It is a completely arbitrary number, pleasing only because it plays into a base 10 counting system, but compound growth of 7% results in a doubling time of 10 years. That’s what the growth of the tunnelling industry currently stands at according to the International Tunnelling Association (ITA), 7% per year which is expected to continue for the near future. Or at least the next five to 10 years.
  • National institution
    In the UK the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has been running a tunnelling exhibition. It follows on the heels of an exhibition for bridges, which was rumoured to have attracted 15,000 visitors. The challenge given to the engineers of the British Tunnelling Society by the institution was to promote the event enough to beat this goal by the time the exhibit closes in November.
  • All the way up, all the way down
    More rumblings from California as a SpaceX employee has posted a photo of Elon Musk’s newly acquired TBM to Instagram – before swiftly removing it. Before moving on, a quick glossary: SpaceX is the packleader of several companies that are vying to commercialise and reduce the cost of space travel; Elon Musk is its eccentric South African billionaire owner and Instagram is a social media platform for photographs that boasts 700 million users.