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BTS Summer Soirée 2017
14 September, 2017 Great Britain – The British Tunnelling Society’s annual late-summer party takes place later this month.
  • CRS twins culvert in Ontario
    Canada – CRS Tunnelling announced September 11 it has completed a 61m, 1,800mm RCP culvert to twin an existing, like diameter culvert under Highway 400 in Barrie, Ontario, for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.
  • DTSS awards Phase 2 tunnel contract
    Singapore – Zublin, a subsidiary Strabag, announced today it has been hired by PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, to build 11.9km of tunnels for the sewerage system of the city. The contract is a part of the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System (DTSS) Phase 2 project and worth EUR 309M (USD 370M).
  • Cross River Rail to partner with industry
    Australia – The Cross River Rail will be a public private partnership (PPP). The Cross River Rail Delivery Authority announced that it is looking to link with the private sector to deliver core components of the project. The decision was presented to 500 ‘industry leaders’ at a briefing on 30 August 2017.


Strength monitoring using thermal imaging
06 September, 2017 In April Benoît Jones, managing director of Inbye Engineering and an Honorary Fellow at the University of Warwick, gave a presentation to the British Tunnelling Society Young Members on a new technology for monitoring the early strength of shotcrete called ‘Strength Monitoring Using Thermal Imaging’, or ‘SMUTI’. This article is a summary of the presentation
  • Bonding well
    To repair a limestone block tunnel more than 120 years old, a local watershed agency and its engineering consultant devised a solution using shotcrete to create a tunnel in a tunnel. Nicole Robinson reports on the Trout Brook Storm Sewer Interceptor’s rehabilitation
  • Andean Potential
    From hydropower and metro systems to mining and road tunnels, Chile’s tunnelling market remains buoyant and some major projects are on the horizon
  • Mair takes ice Presidency
    Paola De Pascali met with Lord Robert Mair to discuss his life and times as he prepares to take up the presidency of the ICE in 2018
  • James Clark Winner
    The BTS has recognised the life’s work and contribution of Joseph Gallagher Ltd chairman Joseph Gallagher by awarding him this year’s James Clark Medal. He talks to Keren Fallwell about his career


The Nuclear Solution
06 September, 2017 Balfour Beatty has announced that it is EDF Energy’s preferred bidder for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station tunnelling and marine works package. The four-year contract will involve the construction of three tunnels for a total of 9.5km in length and 7m in diameter. The tunnels will form part of the cooling system required.
  • History Lessons
    Historians contend their subject matter’s utility helps us understand ourselves and the societies in which we live. To borrow an idea from civil engineering—we must understand the foundation before we build upon it. Looking beyond the literal interpretations, in the tunnelling industry without history one cannot appreciate the (comparative) ease, comfort and safety of today’s work environment and modern equipment.
  • Give the devil his due
    Tunnelling unnerves a lot of people. Whether it’s something about the thought of a large hole being dug beneath the foundations of their property, the disruption of a few years of construction work, or the general idea of infrastructure being driven through a pleasant environment, it worries people. Especially environmental pressure groups.
  • Magic Numbers
    It is a completely arbitrary number, pleasing only because it plays into a base 10 counting system, but compound growth of 7% results in a doubling time of 10 years. That’s what the growth of the tunnelling industry currently stands at according to the International Tunnelling Association (ITA), 7% per year which is expected to continue for the near future. Or at least the next five to 10 years.