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Stone joins HNTB
24 May, 2017 US - Charles Stone will join HNTB Corporation as principal tunnel engineer on May 30. Stone will be based in the firm's New York City office and work with clients nationwide.
  • Aldea makes Toronto appointment
    Canada - Aldea Services announced May 12 the appointment of Angel Del Amo Moreno as senior tunnel engineer in its Toronto office. Angel brings nearly 15 years of engineering and tunnel design experience to his new position, having most recently served as the lead designer on the Istanbul Metro in Turkey.
  • Harding Prize winner 2017
    Great Britain - Omar Mohammed was awarded the 2017 Harding Prize. The Transport for London engineer was recognised for presenting the best paper, as chosen by BTS judges, at the May meeting of the society.
  • Tunnel cave in at contamination site
    US - The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office declared an emergency at the Hanford Site at approximately 8:30 a.m. May 9 after a cave-in of a 20ft (6m) section of a tunnel used to store contaminated materials.


Great lakes Journey
10 May, 2017 As part of the Sesquicentennial series Boro Lukajic reflects on his personal tunnelling experience under Lake Huron and Lake Ontario. The article features construction aspects of cooling water tunnels for nuclear stations
  • Recognition
    NAS TT-NW awarded TransCanada Corporation, CCI Inc., and Michels Canada the 2016 Northwest Trenchless Project of the Year for the Northern Courier Pipeline at its annual November conference. Crossing the Athabasca River is a milestone for the HDD Industry as the longest NPS 42 installation completed to date in North America, Patrick O’Donoghue, Michels Canada, and Samuel Wilson, CCI , report
  • Istanbul’s Import
    Technical journalist Roland Herr presents two projects, a wastewater and a Metro tunnel, where TBMs from the newly rebranded Canadian-Chinese Lovsuns Tunneling Canada are deployed to bore much anticipated tunnels
  • Open up
    As part of the Southeast Collector Trunk Sewer project a hanging system ensured a live 2.6mdiameter sewer could be successfully bypassed. Jordan Schreiner and Matthew Geary, ofHatch, and Stephen Marino, of The Regional Municipality of York report
  • Missed opportunities
    Simon Burras of Applied Industrial System laments what are for him the three main missed opportunities to reduce cost of ownership on tunnel life safety systems.


All the way up, all the way down
05 May, 2017 Parallel technical sessions seem to irritate conference goers, with particularly awkward setups being remembered and discussed for years after the event.
  • Approaching the age gap
    Two-thirds of job openings for engineers in Canada are related to retirement replacement, according to a report released by the association Engineers Canada.
  • Confidence in conferences
    Parallel technical sessions seem to irritate conference goers, with particularly awkward setups being remembered and discussed for years after the event.
  • Calling drifter
    In this issue we have a comment article written by Martin Knights, a past president of the International Tunnelling Association calling on engineers to “value their signature” and think about what they are putting their names to when they sign off on something. It starts on page 18 and is well worth a read.
  • Peak Demand
    The fourth and final unity of the Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme recently went into commercial operation. Most readers will be aware of the need for schemes of this type, but it is interesting to sit down and think about the sheer importance of the end-use of what tunnel engineers are building.