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Last call for TAC Awards Nominations
26 July, 2016 The Annual TAC Awards are coming up with the autumn conference in Ottawa October 16-18. This is an excellent opportunity for teams to be recognized for great work - large and small projects are all considered.
  • Alaskan Way TBM finishes maintenance stop
    US - Seattle Tunnel Partners (STP) resumed mining on July 18 following a month of routine and hyperbaric maintenance on the TBM mining the SR99 tunnel, the Washington Department of Transportation said (WSDOT).
  • VDMA nervous over Brexit
    GERMANY - The VDMA, a mechanical engineering association, has expressed concern over the British decision to exit the European Union (EU). In a statement the organisation said it feared a loss of confidence in Europe as an industrial location and a drastic reduction of exports to the UK. And Germany is particular is losing a key ally in economic terms.
  • Longer Yarraville tunnel option selected
    AUSTRALIA - The reference design for Melbourne’s second river crossing was released on 10 July. The design opted for the longer of two tunnel proposals, a 1.6km twin tunnel at 15.5m diameter. Public opinion against the destruction of surface green space in the Yaraville neighbourhood prompted the decision.


Top down
13 July, 2016 Last December a mining company raise boring a deep shaft needed to accommodate for questionable ground. Nicole Robinson reports on a centrifugal sprayed concrete lining applied in one work day
  • A broad education
    Implementing sustainable field training for geology and geological engineering is mutually beneficial for students and industry. Nicholas Vlachopoulos, professor in the civil engineering department, and Efrosyni-Maria Skordaki, geosciences research staff, both of the Royal Military College of Canada, report on a tunnelling field course in Greece
  • Bend and breakthrough
    A short drive in Oregon could revolutionize how small bores are advanced through congested ground. Jon Young looks at how removing the driver from SBUs could cuts costs and make impossible projects routine
  • Interpretation of EPB TBM graphical data
    Keivan Rafie, project engineer with Southland Contracting and Steve Skelhorn, project sponsor with McNally Construction, analyse data acquisition tools for the purpose of diagnosing issues and optimising TBM operational parameters
  • Tunnel warfare
    Former Tunnels and Tunnelling Editorial Advisory Board chairman Myles O’Reilly gives this compelling account of some historical techniques and cases of tunnelling used to conduct war. This is the first of a two-part article


Information overload
11 July, 2016 Ome 40 miles from Silicon Valley, Peter Hirshberg delivered a captivating presentation on infrastructure, innovation and the Maker City to the largest gathering of the tunnelling industry in history, as one of WTC’s keynote speakers.
  • The lamps are going out
    In light of the recent vote by the British people demanding a split from the European Union, it is hard not to think about the history of the continent. Times are peaceful now, although it does not always seem that way, and looking back even a century reveals an unrecognisable political mess. This month marks an important historical landmark as far as peace in Europe goes; it is exactly 100 years since the start of the Battle of the Somme.
  • Learning through doing
    TODAY CELEBRATIONS are underway in Switzerland as the world’s longest railway tunnel opens. It is 1 June, and stakeholders and political figures are attending a day-long programme of events at the tunnel, prior to a festival for the people involved in the project which is due to take place tomorrow.
  • Looking forward
    This time last year I wrote about the impressive amount of tunnelling required to solve the unanswered questions of the scientific community. In recent years, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been the highest profile of these projects.
  • Risks ahead
    BAUMA is returning to Munich this month. For those who have never been, Bauma is a construction and mining equipment trade fair held in the Bavarian capital once every three years.


Drainage Systems Asia Summit 2016
23 Aug 2016 - 26 Aug 2016