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Innovative Infrastructure Inspection Technologies 20 November, 2014 With aging infrastructure becoming a common problem throughout the United States, time efficient and innovative inspection technologies are needed in order to facilitate infrastructure inspections that can be done rapidly and in-depth with minimal impact to infrastructure operation as cost-effective as possible.

Modelling in LA 06 November, 2014 Angel del Amo and Angel Silvestre of Intecsa-Inarsa SA, and Vanessa Prieto an Pedro Velasco of of Itasca Consultores, explore subsidence prediction for the regional connector transit corridor tunnels in Los Angeles.

Model student 06 November, 2014 Numerical modelling offers the tunnelling industry an abundance of advantages. However, there's more than just number crunching involved to replicate and solve a physical problem.

Drilling Dilemmas 17 October, 2014 The choice between TBM and drill and blast is an often-faced dilemma as the two methods have been competing for more than 30 years. S. Paul Singh, Mining Engineering Department – Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario, and Derek Zoldy, AECOM, Markham, Ontario, discuss the conditions for the judicious selection of excavation method.

Crossrail Western tunnels: TBM Breakthrough at Bond street station 10 October, 2014 The construction of the Crossrail Western tunnels saw two tunnel boring machines (TBMs) build 13.7km of tunnel below the streets of central London.

Up in lights 26 August, 2014 Raoul Lorphèvre and Jérôme Dehon of the Schreder group discuss various lighting options and the effect different setups can have on issues such as energy consumption and maintenance.

Filling in the Corraline holes 20 June, 2014 Drilling innovations, sea platform working and complex logistics were needed for grout injection to improve porous ground for Miami's new port tunnel, Adrian Greeman reports.

Expected Ground 19 March, 2014 Michelle van der Pouw Kraan, and Mark Diederichs, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, consider incorporating rock mass failure mechanisms in geotechnical baseline reports.

Germ Warfare 11 October, 2013 Peter Hughes of the university of central lancashire, uK, looks at the effects of spreading biological material on concrete linings in tunnels

Going under 25 September, 2013 The growing use of microtunnelling in Ontario in the 20 years leading up to the Millennium shows the region’s underground industry keeping pace with developments worldwide. Seamus Tynan of Ward and Burke Microtunnelling presents this brief history from 1980 – 2000

HARDING PRIZE 2013 28 August, 2013 In this second and concluding part of his Harding Prize winning paper 'TBM crossing at the Lee Tunnel connection shaft', David Clayton of Morgan Sindall explores GRP benets and box culvert requirements

In the smoke 23 August, 2013 Petr Pospisil of consultancy gives this reflection on the realities of
a fire in a tunnel, and the disorientating effects that can still be in effect despite ventilation

Breathing tunnels 23 August, 2013 Roger Gale of KGD Developments discusses making road tunnel environments safe
through effective filtration

Benefits of Fire Suppression 19 July, 2013 Quantifying the effects of suppression on energy release. This article by Fathi Tarada, managing director of fire safety, risk management, ventilation and CFD consultant Mosen is a preview to his paper due to be published in the forthcoming International Symposium on Aerodynamics, Ventilation and Fire in Tunnels due to be held in Barcelona in September.

Wider View 19 July, 2013 Departing from the usual fire protection staples of safety improvements and reaction times, Andy Evans, chairman of the Road Tunnel Operator Association, gives this insight into the myriad issues concerning tunnel systems in a fire situation.

Harding Prize 2013 19 July, 2013 This year’s BTS Harding Prize was awarded to David Clayton of Morgan Sindall for his paper on the TBM crossing at the Lee Tunnel conection shaft. This is part one of his paper.

Studying stress 04 June, 2013 An extensive parametric study was performed to analyse the effect of tunnel lining stiffness on the stress distribution around shallow tunnels. Hany El Naggar and Taylor Steele of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of New Brunswick in Canada, share the results

Bond street models 16 May, 2013 Congested Bond Street Station at the heart of London's Underground is one of the key challenges for an upgrade project. Ali Nasekhian, Thomas Schwind and Stefan Pinter of Dr Sauer explain 3D modelling for the project

Practical modelling 16 May, 2013 This paper attempts to offer practical information and disclose significant aspects of numerical simulations in tunnelling based on the authors' experiences in research and applications on a wide range of projects in and outside the UK. authors Panos Spyridis of dr. Sauer, Angelos Gakis of dr. Sauer and Anmol Bedi of imperial college london explore

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