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December 2021


In search of sustainable fire safety
30 December 2021 Alden Spencer, Global Product Manager for ANSUL Vehicle Systems at Johnson Controls, explores the fire risks inherent in tunnel construction, the changing regulatory landscape surrounding the use of PFAS suppression agents, and how innovative, non-fluorinated solutions can help companies keep their operations safe, sustainable and profitable

Divik Bandopadhyaya Interview
30 December 2021 Aged 27, Divik Bandopadhyaya has just completed a one-year stint as chair of BTSYM. He discusses his education, interests and career to date, offering along the way some advice to newly-qualified tunnel engineers. George Demetri reports

Squaring the circle
29 December 2021 Lok Home, owner of Robbins, once sold his company to the Chinese then bought it back because he disliked what they were doing to it. He makes TBMs that cut the hardest of hard rock. Now he has made a TBM that breaks all the rules. Report by Julian Champkin

Closed form elastic and plastic analysis methods Part 1
29 December 2021 In the first of two articles, Stephen Doran sets out the historical development of some common closed-form analytical methods and discusses the limitations of their use

No blanket solution
29 December 2021 Variations in tunnels and inflows need different waterproofing solutions. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Under pressure
29 December 2021 Dr Donald Lamont and Roy Slocombe gave the British Tunnelling Society lecture in October on low, intermediate and high-pressure compressed air work, highlighting the launch of revised BTS CAWG guidance. Report by Dr Donald Lamont and Roy Slocombe

Mitigating a water bearing fissure
29 December 2021 Emily Riley won the British Geotechnical Association’s (BGA) annual Cooling Prize competition for young professionals with her paper ‘The engineering mitigation of a water bearing fissure in the Chalk at the Tideway Deptford Church Street shaft’. It is reproduced here by kind permission of the BGA

3D parametric structural design and documentation workflow
28 December 2021 Jeff Fontana and Eric Westergren of McMillen Jacobs look back over the past 50 years and note that architecture, engineering and construction have gone through several advances in design development and documentation

An innovative tunnel and contracting model
28 December 2021 VTA is extending the BART transit system into Silicon Valley under a two-phased program. Phase 2, currently in design and engineering, features an innovative single-bore tunnel configuration. Report by the VTA’s BART Silicon Valley Phase II Team

Harding prize gains momentum for 2022
28 December 2021 Young tunnel engineers can raise their profile and make their work visible to the civil engineering community by entering the Harding Prize, named after the founder chairman of the Society, Sir Harold Harding

November 2021


BTS launches Harding prize for 2022
29 November 2021 Young tunnel engineers can raise their profile and make their work visible to the civil engineering community by entering the Harding Prize, named after the founder chairman of the Society, Sir Harold Harding

Dewatering London
29 November 2021 Dr Toby Roberts, chairman of WJ Group, gave the BTS lecture online in September 2021 on the range of dewatering strategies used to manage groundwater for underground construction in the London Basin. Reported by Mehdi Hosseini of London Bridge Associates

Underground in Moscow
29 November 2021 Moscow is constructing new metro lines at a rapid pace to better accommodate the city’s seven million passengers daily who use it. Julian Champkin spoke with Anna Merkulova, engineer and CEO of the Mosproekt-3 group of companies about the expansion programme

Tunnels facilitate water flow
29 November 2021 Water system upgrades are keeping the North American tunnelling industry busy. Keren Fallwell reports

Low carbon concrete for shaft and tunnel linings
29 November 2021 Low-carbon concretes are a welcome development but should be carefully used as some cases could see longer setting times, slower strength development and even increased embodied carbon, writes Charles Allen of OTB Concrete

Cross river rail to tackle Brisbane’s urban growth
29 November 2021 Australia’s cities are engaged in some major underground rail projects. Sydney and Melbourne both have their metro schemes. Brisbane is host to another – and also to the Olympic Games. Julian Champkin reports

Asset management: Not somebody else’s problem
29 November 2021 Martin Knights FREng and former ITA President discusses the importance of the intelligent care of ageing assets and gives details of a new initiative tasked with producing guidance on the management of tunnels

Student TBMs battle it out in Las Vegas Boring contest
29 November 2021 Elon Musk’s Boring Company held its first Not-A-Boring Competition in Las Vegas, Nevada in September which saw student teams from around the world compete to ‘beat the snail’. George Demetri reports on the outcomes

October 2021


Terratec – Always Advancing
29 October 2021 Incorporated in 1990, Terratec one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of Tunnel Boring Machines, encompassing all ground conditions and diameters – ranging from 0.60 to over 16 meters – as well as TBM back-up equipment, Raise Boring Machines and other custom-engineered products for the tunnelling and mining industries. Terratec's success is based on the experience and excellence of its engineering team. This team includes engineers with more than 40-years of experience in the design and manufacture of tunnelling and mining machines who have worked on some of the world’s largest underground projects. Terratec is also fully managed by engineers enabling quick and efficient solutions that meet customer expectations.

Monitoring of soil conditioning parameters during EPBM excavation
29 October 2021 Sika employees Dr Oscar Marazzini, Kanokwan Chuanak, Philippe Doriot and Manfredo Belohuby, look at how lab results can be correlated and applied on site, and how lab trials can give reliable, usable results to improve the success of future projects, avoiding costly errors and delays