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Tunnel works at flagship pumped hydro facility have a golden heritage
21 January, 2022 Tunnelling work has started in Far North Queensland, Australia on the Kidston Pumped Hydro Project which involves the world’s first conversion of a disused gold mine into a pumped-storage hydroelectric power facility.
  • Action group seeks halt to Fehmarnbelt Tunnel dredging
    Following ‘urgent’ concerns raised by an environmental group, a federal court in Leipzig, Germany has recommended a suspension of dredging work at contended reef areas on the German side of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link.


In search of sustainable fire safety
30 December, 2021 Alden Spencer, Global Product Manager for ANSUL Vehicle Systems at Johnson Controls, explores the fire risks inherent in tunnel construction, the changing regulatory landscape surrounding the use of PFAS suppression agents, and how innovative, non-fluorinated solutions can help companies keep their operations safe, sustainable and profitable
  • Divik Bandopadhyaya Interview
    Aged 27, Divik Bandopadhyaya has just completed a one-year stint as chair of BTSYM. He discusses his education, interests and career to date, offering along the way some advice to newly-qualified tunnel engineers. George Demetri reports
  • Squaring the circle
    Lok Home, owner of Robbins, once sold his company to the Chinese then bought it back because he disliked what they were doing to it. He makes TBMs that cut the hardest of hard rock. Now he has made a TBM that breaks all the rules. Report by Julian Champkin
  • No blanket solution
    Variations in tunnels and inflows need different waterproofing solutions. Report by Patrick Reynolds