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New work on soft ground tunnelling published
29 November, 2021 November 11 saw the publication of the first-ever comprehensive textbook on soft ground tunnel design.


BTS launches Harding prize for 2022
29 November, 2021 Young tunnel engineers can raise their profile and make their work visible to the civil engineering community by entering the Harding Prize, named after the founder chairman of the Society, Sir Harold Harding
  • Dewatering London
    Dr Toby Roberts, chairman of WJ Group, gave the BTS lecture online in September 2021 on the range of dewatering strategies used to manage groundwater for underground construction in the London Basin. Reported by Mehdi Hosseini of London Bridge Associates
  • Underground in Moscow
    Moscow is constructing new metro lines at a rapid pace to better accommodate the city’s seven million passengers daily who use it. Julian Champkin spoke with Anna Merkulova, engineer and CEO of the Mosproekt-3 group of companies about the expansion programme
  • Low carbon concrete for shaft and tunnel linings
    Low-carbon concretes are a welcome development but should be carefully used as some cases could see longer setting times, slower strength development and even increased embodied carbon, writes Charles Allen of OTB Concrete