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Concrete segment production completed for Snowy hydro dry access tunnels
11 August, 2022 Australia’s Snowy 2.0 precast factory has completed manufacture of all concrete segments for the hydro scheme’s 5.6km of dry access tunnels.
  • Tunnelling completed at Hinkley Point C
    Balfour Beatty has completed the third and final offshore tunnel for the Hinkley Point C nuclear power station’s cooling system under the Bristol Channel in the UK.


Veronika Petschen – Interview
03 August, 2022 SCAUT, the Swiss Centre of Applied Underground Technology, is pioneering new methods and uses for underground spaces. Veronika Petschen is its newly-appointed managing director. She spoke to Julian Champkin to explain her vision for SCAUT and for future uses of the ground beneath our feet
  • Welcome back to WTC
    The industry is on a countdown to meeting up again at ITA’s World Tunnelling Congress, held this year in Copenhagen, hosted by the Danish Society for Tunnels and Underground Works (DFTU). T&T offers a first preview
  • Research to reduce carbon in SCL
    Research recently complete on low carbon sprayed concrete (LCSC), including work for HS2,is summarised by participants Chris Peaston of Peaston Concrete Consultancy, Chris Goodier, Sergio Cavalaro and Zhi Hu of Loughborough University, Michael Sataya of Arup, Stuart Manning of Shotcrete Services, and John Reddy of Ecocem
  • Sightline on sustainability
    Alun Thomas, of All2plan Consulting, looks at ways sustainability could be achieved in tunnelling through innovation, such as permanent sprayed concrete linings (PSCL) and composite shell linings (CSL)
  • Low Carbon, High Ambition in Paris
    Grand Paris Express is striding forward for tunnelling into a low carbon future using concrete tunnel segments on Lot 16.1, as described by Benoit de Rivaz of Bekaert