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In-person BTS lectures to resume this month
14 October, 2021 Following 18 months of unprecedented living and working under a cruel pandemic, a sense of normality is gradually returning as the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) resumes its highly-acclaimed in-person lectures at the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), London.
  • 5G SA brings new connectivity levels to Silvertown Tunnel
    Ferrovial is using the Silvertown Tunnel project, London, to deploy the UK’s first operational 5G SA private wireless network to enhance the project’s communications capability and provide site-wide, reliable connectivity.


Set in stone
11 October, 2021 For centuries the home of quarrying and more recently mining of the eponymous stone, Portland, England could become home to an exciting new visitor attraction housed in a mine and demonstrating the potential of underground space. George Demetri reports
  • A challenge packed drive
    Erez Allouche, Matthew Devitt and Tyler Horton of Stantec Consulting, and Keivan Rafie of Hatch (Vancouver) discuss the relocation of a gas pipeline microtunneled through complex soils and beneath twin railroads, a river and multiple utility lines
  • Digging the deal on infrastructure
    George Demetri takes a look at the state of US infrastructure, the possible causes of its lacklustre performance and how it may be improved, taking in along the way the views of some high-profile engineers and consultants
  • Tackling Toronto’s CSO Woes
    Toronto’s sewers are overloaded. Combined sewer overflows frequently spill into Lake Ontario, local rivers and streams. A major clean-up involving three separate tunnelling projects and more besides, is in progress. Julian Champkin reports