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Differences between tunnelling and mining
23 May, 2022
Having worked on both mining and tunnelling projects, mining and underground infrastructure engineer Konstantinos Bastis looks at the differences between the two disciplines
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Spraying the word – Interview - Tom Melbye 23 May, 2022 Tom Melbye has become a tunnelling legend. He has transformed the technology and application of sprayed concrete to make it the practical and efficient tunnel support and lining that it has become. Julian Champkin talked to him
Safety during track refurbishment in tunnels 23 May, 2022 Technical journalist Roland Herr gives an overview of occupational health and safety for track refurbishment in German tunnels, based on a presentation by Jens Kegenhoff and Patrick Schneider of CFT Compact Filter Technic given at STUVA 2021
Structures to intercept pile loads 23 May, 2022 Cate Anthony was runner up in the BTS Harding Prize 2021 with her paper ‘The Design and Construction of Pile Interception Load Transfer Structures at 6-8 Princes Street for Bank Station Capacity Upgrade’
Tunnel to restore snowdonian landscape 22 April, 2022 An area of outstanding natural beauty, Snowdonia is scarred by unsightly pylons and overhead high-voltage cables. They will now be removed and placed in a new tunnel that forms part of a visual improvement project. Julian Champkin reports
An improving technology 22 April, 2022 Once described as a ‘black art’, soil conditioning is today a proven engineering technique. But the question remains, says Alessandro Boscaro of Mapei, of how to attain good technical performance while achieving acceptable environmental sustainability?
Positive moves for tunnelling sustainability 22 April, 2022 Moves to deliver sustainability in tunnelling are underway on multiple fronts, including a focus on carbon reduction. Report by Patrick Reynolds
Tunnels and stations that should be deeper 22 April, 2022 Dr N Barton (Nick Barton & Associates, Oslo) and M Abrieu (CVA Consortium, São Paulo) expose the false economies and dangers of shallow tunnelling for metros in urban areas, arguing that deeper tunnels and longer escalators are well worth the extra cost
Notes on compressed air working – Part 2 22 April, 2022 Following on from his Part 1 article which appeared in the March 2022 issue of T&T, Stephen Doran concludes his discussion of hyperbaric interventions by looking at three major international projects on which they were deployed
In praise of the engineer’s art 22 April, 2022 As well as being outstanding engineers, Marc Brunel and his son Isambard were also talented watercolourists. Now, the Brunel Museum in London has launched an appeal to bring to public attention some of these beautiful art works. George Demetri reports
Inspired through meaning 14 April, 2022 Keivan Rafie looks at why many engineers have recently joined the so-called ‘great resignation’ and suggests that something more than a pay cheque and stable job may be needed
A long line of success 14 April, 2022 Dean Brox of Dean Brox Consulting reviews the benefits and successes associated with precast concrete tunnel linings when used for hydropower tunnels
TBM challenges on a demanding sea outfall 14 April, 2022 Gary Peach, project manager and consultant with Mott MacDonald (Doha, Qatar) discusses the challenges and management deployed to overcome and successfully complete what has been hailed as the Middle East’s longest storm and groundwater tunnel