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Jerusalem caverns present challenges of biblical proportions
08 September, 2021
Based on a presentation by Dr Roberto Schuerch of Pini Swiss Engineers, technical journalist Roland Herr gives an overview of an outstanding underground project brimming with engineering challenges
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Tackling Toronto’s CSO Woes 08 September, 2021 Toronto’s sewers are overloaded. Combined sewer overflows frequently spill into Lake Ontario, local rivers and streams. A major clean-up involving three separate tunnelling projects and more besides, is in progress. Julian Champkin reports
Closed form tunnel analysis methods 07 September, 2021 In the first of a series of articles, Stephen Doran looks at closed-form tunnel analysis methods, their background and how they can provide an insight into the underlying assumptions used in software
Tunnel vision 07 September, 2021 TunnelSkills – the national specialist training forum for the UK tunnelling industry – specialises in the application of immersive learning and new technology to improve training, learning and recruitment in the sector
NATM through challenging fault zones 07 September, 2021 Ryo Kashiwagi of Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency (JRTT) discusses the challenges from tunnelling the double-track Shinkansen railway which is close to an existing highway tunnel in an extremely soft fault crush zone
Sustainable solutions 07 September, 2021 Arnaud Hochart, geotechnical and monitoring manager at Implenia, discusses the technical challenges encountered on Lyon’s Metro B Line extension, including the open-pored, high-permeability alluviums with the associated risks of slurry loss and ground instability
A focus on efficiency within tunnel ventilation 02 September, 2021 Worldwide, electric motors represent around 50% of global electricity consumption (EU). The need to achieve a more sustainable environmental future clearly requires focus on the subject of motor efficiency. Any gains in motor efficiency will have a directly influence on the fight against climate change through reducing global electrical consumption and related CO2 emissions.
Cool talk on Hinkley Point C 12 August, 2021 Matthew Fowler of Balfour Beatty gave June’s British Tunnelling Society online lecture on the offshore cooling water tunnels at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station and the offsite construction of some of the critical components. Report by Ana Barbosa of Jacobs
Learning from Istanbul 12 August, 2021 Prof Dr Nuh Bilgin, Chairman of the Turkish Tunnelling Society, and Sinan Acun, TBM Group Manager, Kolin-Kalyon-Cengiz Joint Venture discuss the lessons learnt in the complex geology of two EPB-TBM drives to the new Istanbul Airport
Spraying for success 12 August, 2021 Dr Alun Thomas of All2plan Consulting outlines some of the rudiments of sprayed concrete and gives a few tips that could prove useful to young engineers – and maybe to those not so young
Testing time for FRS permanent sprayed concrete linings 12 August, 2021 Benoit de Rivaz of Bekaert outlines a few test methods used to evaluate the behaviour of fibre-reinforced shotcrete for permanent sprayed concrete linings and how their results can optimise design and construction processes
Water mist systems and Road tunnel ventilation 12 August, 2021 Ingo Riess of Riess Ingenieur, Zurich, Switzerland, discusses the benefits and effects of water-mist systems on tunnel fires in road tunnels
Keeping tunnels safe 12 August, 2021 The critical role played by certified smoke extraction motors in keeping tunnels safe is explained by Pekka Uusitalo, Key Account Manager for ABB Motors and Generators