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BTS James Clark Medal Award: Andy Alder
21 August, 2023
Andy Alder has been awarded the James Clark Medal by the British Tunnelling Society for his service and leadership in the industry.
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Smoke control in road tunnels 21 August, 2023 To minimise smoke propagation in tunnels, ventilation design has seen the distributed extraction approach give way to local extraction systems for new tunnels. Ingo Riess, of Riess Ingenieur-GmbH, in Zurich, Switzerland, discusses the change, its effectiveness, but also the challenges that come in the complexity of the new approach.
Drives in tunnels 21 August, 2023 Variable speed drives (VSDs) offer benefits to control ventilation fans and drainage pumps in tunnels, explains Josh Paikada, Strategic Business Development Manager, ABB.
Grey cast iron linings – new structural insights 24 July, 2023 The Harding Prize Competition is named after the founder of the British Tunnelling Society, Sir Harold Harding, and is for entrants under the age of 33. Shortlisted papers were presented to the BTS evening meeting on 13 April, at the Institution of Civil Engineers, in London. Agustín Ruiz López, postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College, London, was a runner-up in this year’s Competition with a paper entitled ‘New insights into the structural behaviour of grey cast iron tunnel linings’. It is published here with the author’s permission
Waste disposal: engineering the key nuclear challenge 24 July, 2023 Scientists agree that geological disposal is the best solution when considering the very long-term storage of high activity nuclear waste materials but to develop such a massive engineering project requires community buy-in from the get go. By Steve Reece, Head of GDF Siting at Nuclear Waste Services
Geopolymer concrete in tunnelling 24 July, 2023 At the monthly BTS meeting at the Institution of Civil Engineers, in London, in March 2023, John Day, Chief Technical Officer of Wagners EFC Pty Ltd, Charles Allen, Director of OTB Concrete, and Richard Sutherden, Engineering Director with Murphy for the HMJV (Hochtief- Murphy Joint Venture) provided perspectives on the use and future potential of geopolymer concretes, and the Earth Friendly Concrete in particular, in underground applications
Formwork for Fehmarn 24 July, 2023 Peri has delivered 10,000 tonnes of special large steel formwork for the massive concreting operation needed to construct the world’s longest subsea immersed tube tunnel, as the core infrastructure of the Fehmarn Project, to link Denmark and Germany
Cross river truss lift challenge 24 July, 2023 Mammoet’s heavy lift work helped get concrete trusses in place for a below ground station on Cross River Rail project, in Brisbane, Australia
Carbon saving push boosts PSCL development 24 July, 2023 Carbon saving is a new boost to further development of Permanent Sprayed Concrete Lining (PSCL), says Benoit de Rivaz, technical director for Bekaert BP Underground Solutions
ITA guide on spoil handling 24 July, 2023 Key points on working with spoil from all types of tunnelling was issued as further guidance last year from ITA’s Working Group 14 (Mechanized Tunnelling – Task Group 4), building on earlier work. A summary review is presented
Looking very deep for disposal 24 July, 2023 Conventional thinking suggests nuclear waste should be disposed of in deep geological repositories not much more than a few hundred metres below ground. Deep directional drilling techniques pioneered and now mastered by the oil and gas industry offer are alternative solution. By Dr. Henry Crichlow, founder and CEO of NuclearSAFE Technology LLC
Packed schedule in Boston 28 June, 2023 TTNA previews the packed program for RETC 2023, in Boston, MA, in June
Breakthroughs on Broadway 28 June, 2023 Tunneling is well underway with multiple early TBM breakthroughs on the Broadway Extension to the Millennium Line, in Vancouver