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Better below
04 July, 2018
Critics cite delays and cost overruns when new infrastructure is being considered and at the root of this is often construction impeded by issues with utilities. A new emphasis on underground utility engineering looks for ways to better cope with the urban subsurface, Nicole Robinson reports

School’s in
22 January, 2018
Paola De Pascali looks at an array of the education and training programmes for underground construction that are on offer around the world

Tunnelling in the jungle
22 January, 2018
Snakes and hard sandstone were among the challenges facing Seli Overseas on a new 11.5km low pressure headrace tunnel for a hydroelectric project in Laos

Picking favourites
26 December, 2017
Sandvik’s vice-president for tunnelling drills Pekka Nieminen shares his career highlights, from complex rock in Switzerland to computerised drilling jumbos in South Korea

Spending probes
15 November, 2017
Perspectives on the relationship of SI spending and ground risk. Report by Patrick Reynolds

In the field
18 October, 2017
In June students from the geomechanics graduate program at Queen’s University in Kingston, travelled to Europe for two weeks of research and tours—seeing first hand the challenges and innovative solutions required to complete the region’s impressive geological engineering projects. Mark Diederichs reports

Utility placement
30 January, 2017
Tunnels and Tunnelling takes a trip to Herrenknecht in Schwanau and meets Michael Lubberger, senior product manager for pipelines to find out more about developments in the utility placement range

Euro Vision
31 December, 2015
The scale and ambition of tunnelling projects in Europe continue to push boundaries. Keren Fallwell Reports.

Thinking GEO
03 November, 2015
Mark Diederichs, professor of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, discusses tunnelling education, research and deveopment and the role of geological engineering

The power of protest
13 October, 2015
Keeping the public informed and on side is a key aspect of giant projects such as base tunnels. Adrian Greeman explores the strategies to win the PR battle

Long and deep
23 September, 2015
The 21st century has become the era of the base tunnel, boring at unprecedented depths through the giant mountain ranges. Seven are in progress all facing special challenges, reports Adrian Greeman

Clear air, clear Conscience
28 July, 2014
Limited resources and administrative uncertainty can throw up some difficult safety decisions. The directors of Pospisil & Ilg Associated Engineers provide some advice

An improved jet fan
03 July, 2012
This paper presented by Harald Rudelgass and Carlo Barbetta of Systemair explores the results of converging nozzles on loss of impulse, a history of the research and the latest solution

Livorno landfall
19 October, 2010
A string of micro-tunnel drives are being bored to protect the local environment as part of a project to import gas on the Italian coast near Livorno. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Asset management equipment and methods
04 September, 2007
Technical journalist Ian Clarke rounds up new technologies to assist the asset management, rehabilitation, and replacement sectors of the No-Dig sector

Compressed air for top down
01 February, 2004
Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Schwarz, head of Heavy Civil Engineering for Walter-Bau AG, merged with DYWIDAG, and Dr.-Ing. Florian Hehenberger, of Hehenberger Consulting & Management, discuss the benefits of utilising compressed air for top down construction of tunnels in the presence of ground water

EU tunnel fire safety action
01 April, 2003
Following a recent spate of major tunnel fires, the European Commission has embarked upon a review of tunnel safety. Gabriel Alexander Khoury describes the various multi-national projects funded by the EU's 5th Framework programme, and discusses a possible future 6th Framework project

More at Bauma
07 April, 2001
Concluding T&T International's preview of the huge Bauma construction event in Munich, we describe some more of the exhibits of relevance to the tunnelling industry, and highlight two special themes being put forward at Bauma on 2-8 April

Italy in focus
30 April, 2000
Around 4000km of tunnels have been built in Italy, including 1200km for railways, 900km for roads, 150km for metros and the rest for hydraulic works, which has earned Italy a leading position in international tunnelling. Sebastiano Pelizza of Geodata, Turin, and past president of the International Tunnelling Association, describes the work completed and under way.