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Skanska signs Norway E16 motorway and tunnels contract
01 December, 2020
Skanska has signed a contract worth around US$336m with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to build an 8.4km motorway and tunnels between Bjørum and Hole municipality in eastern Norway.

Another breakthrough on Pune metro
30 November, 2020
Maharashtra Metro Rail Corp and Gulermak-TATA Projects Joint Venture recently celebrated the breakthrough of a 6.61m-diameter Terratec earth pressure balance (EPB) TBM (‘Mula’) excavating the 16.56km Line 1 (Purple Line) of the Pune metro in Maharashtra, India.

Central Interceptor TBM arrives in Auckland
30 November, 2020
TBM Hiwa-i-te-Rangi arrived in Auckland, New Zealand recently after a month-long journey from the Herrenknecht factory in Schwanau, Germany, where it was assembled over a ten-month period. In early 2021, the machine will start to bore Watercare’s 14.7km Central Interceptor wastewater tunnel.

Hudson Tunnel is repairable even before building a new one says LBA
26 November, 2020
A report drawn up by UK-based tunnel consultant London Bridge Associates (LBA) claims that the ailing 110-year old Hudson Tunnel can be repaired without having to wait for the construction of a new tunnel.

Prototype promises first step towards autonomous charging
24 November, 2020
Orica and Epiroc have co-developed what they claim is the world’s first wireless, semi-automated explosives delivery system for use in hard rock drill-and-blast operations. The technology aims to ensure that the right explosives are safely delivered into the right holes within the right timeframe for improved safety and efficiency.

Fibres of steel
24 November, 2020
Choosing the right steel fibre for FRC precast tunnel segments can have a significant impact on performance, productivity and cost, explains Benoit de Rivaz, Global Technical Manager BP Underground, Bekaert

Melbourne’s big dig
24 November, 2020
Four TBMs are at work on the Melbourne Metro – a new line comprising two 9km-long tunnels that will run beneath the central business district and where monitoring for ground movement was critical. Julian Champkin reports on the progress

Brisbane Cross River Rail TBMs being readied
23 November, 2020
Two TBMs are being retrofitted in Brisbane, Australia in preparation for the city’s Cross River Rail project which has a total length of 10.2km and includes 5.9km of twin tunnels.

NHI advancing on TBM coal-mining front
23 November, 2020
China’s Northern Heavy Industries (NHI) – which has a controlling stake in US-based The Robbins Co – has claimed it is creating a new era in China with the use of tunnel boring machines (TBMs) in coal mining on a greater scale than ever before.

Traylor-Shea to design and build RiverRenew tunnel system
20 November, 2020
US-based AlexRenew – the public utility for water renewal in Alexandria, Virginia – has awarded a US$454.4m contract to Traylor-Shea Joint Venture to design and construct the RiverRenew Tunnel System Project.

Hudson tunnel still suffering from Hurricane Sandy
20 November, 2020
With a litany of problems, many stemming from the Hurricane Sandy flooding of October 2012, a soon to be published study by Amtrak will urge urgent repairs are needed to the Hudson Tunnel in the next few years if ‘potentially catastrophic failures’ are to be avoided.

Canadian distance record
20 November, 2020
Microtunnelling can save costs, surface disruption and inconvenience to the public, while the distances that can be covered are increasing. Julian Champkin looks at a 5km project in Canada and asks whether the technique can stretch even further

Rock Mass Classification Systems
20 November, 2020
Rock mass’ refers to an accumulation of rock material separated by rock discontinuities, mostly by joints, bedding planes, dyke intrusions and faults. When a rock mass is intersected by a sufficiently large number of weak planes such that rock-mass behaviour is not controlled by failure on individual planes, the mass’s behaviour will tend towards the continuum type of behaviour again. However, the numerous planes in the mass (usually weaker than the rock material), will significantly influence rock behaviour. In such cases, rock mass classification is commonly used to evaluate the rock mass behaviour.

Structural design and classification of FRC for tunnel linings
20 November, 2020
Axel G Nitschke, Tunnel Practice Leader at WSP USA, looks at the use of fibre-reinforced concrete and suggests a labelling and classification system designed to provide an effective and easy way to specify FRC for tunnel linings

UK breaks record for longest hydraulically-inserted pipeline
19 November, 2020
UK energy company National Grid has completed what has been hailed as the world’s longest hydraulically-inserted pipeline, now officially recognised by Guinness World Records.

BTS celebrates 50 years
19 November, 2020
In February 2021, the British Tunnelling Society will be 50. To celebrate, it is compiling a major retrospective to chart half a century of momentous advances in tunnelling, recording the changes through the eyes of tunnellers. George Demetri takes a look

A great big beautiful book
19 November, 2020
New publications are awaited with interest and expectation – at least they should be. We like to hear of new stories, ideas and interpretations. That is why the publication of a book in 2021 which celebrates 50 years of the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) should create more than just a stir in the industry.

Work starts on Sydney Metro West
18 November, 2020
Work has officially started on the Sydney Metro West project following the confirmation of seven proposed metro stations as part of a new underground railway that will connect Greater Parramatta with the Sydney CBD.

New ICE President Skinner warns over carbon emissions
17 November, 2020
Having been inaugurated recently as the 156th President of the London-based Institution of Civil Engineers, WSP’s Rachel Skinner has made achieving Net Zero Carbon for infrastructure her rallying cry.

Green light for Stonehenge Tunnel
16 November, 2020
UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has given the go-ahead for work to start on the 3.2km Stonehenge Tunnel which will form part of the A303 Amesbury to Berwick Down carriageway improvement scheme in Wiltshire, England.