T&T Concrete Event

Tunnelling presents a unique set of challenges for concrete, at times bringing together rapid curing requirements, design-life measured in centuries and high, hard-to-predict stresses and loads.

Supported by the British Tunnelling Society and the Concrete Society, the Tunnels and Tunnelling seminar on the use of concrete in tunnelling will bring together professionals from the concrete and tunnelling industries.

Networking opportunities woven into a programme of talks covering everything from design specifications to past concrete failures make this seminar central to contractors, engineers and suppliers.

This fully CPD-certified event will cover: an introduction to the role of concrete in tunnelling, specifications and mix design, batching, reinforcement, testing, casting and spraying, hostile environments for concrete, past failures and their causes and the gold standard 120-year design-life.

The event will also feature an ideas showcase, where manufacturers and suppliers will have the opportunity to present their products. The day will conclude with an Hour of Ale panel discussion, followed by a drinks reception.