Webuild wins Gotthard Tunnel contract

25 March 2021

Webuild Group and its consortium partners have won a contract worth around US$94.5m to build a four-kilometre-long access tunnel at the north end of the 1980-completed Gotthard road tunnel.

Webuild and Swiss subsidiary CSC Impresa Costruzioni form part of the consortium which includes Implenia and Frutiger. The project will prepare for the eventual extension of the road tunnel and is anticipated to contribute to the development of sustainable mobility in the heart of the Alps. The ultimate aim of the overall project is to start renovating the existing road tunnel once the second one is completed.

Lot 243 of the N02 Second Gotthard Tunnel has been commissioned by the Federal Roads Office. The project involves the construction of an access tunnel, early development of the area, the excavation of a logistical underground space for a cement plant, preliminary excavations for the second tunnel and other installations for the management of materials.

Work is to begin in spring 2021 and last for around 30 months. Lot 243 precedes by a number of months the tenders for two bigger lots for the rest of the project.