VDMA releases core-drilling safety brochure

14 July 2017

Germany - The core-drilling equipment working group of the VDMA has produced a document describing how to safely fasten core-drilling equipment. The work was carried out in cooperation with Detlev Borstell of the University of Koblenz.

A spokesperson for VDMA said that only qualified personnel should be put in charge of the process, despite the document. “The relationship between the influencing variables ‘machine’ and ‘site conditions’ for core-drilling work is rather complex. Taking advantage of the information provided in the brochure requires in-depth knowledge in the field of applied machine and fastening technologies.

“The fact that the materials making up the ground are not homogenous leads to varying strength characteristics. For this reason users cannot be provided with a universal recipe. As dowel manufacturers cannot provide universal data regarding the dowel extraction force, it is necessary to study and to contact all possible sources and know-how providers when it comes to selecting the most suitable fastening system.

“[We] therefore advise users to have all decisions regarding the method of fastening the equipment on the construction site taken only by adequately trained and instructed personnel."

The document is available here: