Three tunnels favoured for Prague ring road

3 July 2020

Prague could see three tunnels constructed on the north-eastern segment of its 83km-long outer ring road. The city council wants to see the section between Brezineves and Satalice tunnelled as far as possible.

It has recommended to the country’s road and motorway directive for tunnels to be constructed at Vinor (Radonice), Velen (Miskovice) and Treboradice, of lengths 1.3km, 450m and 2km respectively. They would lie 8m below the surface on average.

The tunnel solution is seen as the most environmentally friendly option. Prague’s deputy mayor Petr Hlavácek said that from the city’s point of view, the preferred option to surface construction was tunnelling, with recessed being a second option.

Construction of the Prague ring road is expected to be completed by 2029, with the south-eastern section finished as early as 2025. The city’s inner ring road was completed in the 1980s and includes the Blanka tunnel complex.