It’s business as usual for Robbins

9 February 2021

Having only recently been formed by industry veteran Lok Home, Global TBM has now purchased all the assets of former TBM-maker The Robbins Company.

The new company will operate as Robbins, with Home once more acting as president and CEO, and with the same staff, crews and support personnel as before. The acquisition is said will result in a ‘seamless transition’ for a number of ongoing projects throughout the world as Robbins renews its commitment to ‘service, quality underground equipment and support’.

Home said the new company had a bright future as a result of the transaction and was starting 2021 with no significant bank or institutional debt, and with a respectable backlog of orders.

“We still have our strong engineering team and we plan to continue our many industry involvements, including the International Tunnelling Association and its associate member organisations. We’re glad to be a part of this community and this industry,” Home said.

He added that Robbins is currently delivering Crossover machines and TBMs equipped for challenging geological conditions in many countries including the US, Norway, India, China and Canada. The company’s conveyor and small boring machine divisions will also continue to deliver equipment worldwide.

“In 2021 and beyond, our clients can depend on Robbins to deliver high-quality … and technically superior machines for very difficult projects,” said Home.

However, he admitted that the past two years had been difficult due to ‘previous associations’, but now the company was ‘in a much better place’. The past year has seen the company devise improvements for difficult ground conditions and currently has several complicated projects on site.

To prove Robbins was still technically strong, Home promised a new ‘revolutionary’ non-circular rock-boring machine to be unveiled soon.