FIDIC endorses infrastructure transparency initiative

6 January 2020

International – The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) stated that it will endorse the Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST), a global initiative to ‘improve transparency and accountability in public infrastructure’.

The approach is to keep various stakeholders and the public informed about projects, with information-vetting my CoST, to improve transparency and trust in infrastructure projects. Aside from the benefits of a better public perception of projects in vulnerable areas, it also helps to create a fair competitive environment for the private sector, where this might otherwise be lacking.

FIDIC has asked its 102 member associations to consider how the CoST approach could potentially help to improve practices in their countries. Currently CoST works in 18 countries in fragile areas, for example Mexico, Ukraine, Argentina and more generally in the Asia Pacific eastern Africa.

Visit the group’s website for more information:

FIDIC chief executive Nelson Ogunshakin said: “FIDIC and CoST have developed internationally recognised standards and guidelines that contribute variously to improved transparency and integrity in the planning, design, tender management, implementation, contract administration and related supervision of infrastructure project delivery. CoST’s work curbing the ‘supply side’ of corruption complements FIDIC’s activities to increase transparency through tools such as the FIDIC Integrity Management System and the Government Procurement Integrity Management System. We therefore see significant complementary benefits in collaboration and endorsement of the CoST initiative in the global fight against corruption.

FIDIC president Bill Howard said: “I’m delighted that FIDIC has decided to endorse CoST and work together in the global fight against corruption. FIDIC will encourage its regional groups and 102 global member associations to examine how the CoST approach could potentially serve as a catalyst for improved practices in their national markets by raising awareness and providing best practice information. Corruption has no place in the infrastructure sector or anywhere else and FIDIC is proud to be playing its part in rooting it out.”