British explosives standard out for consultation

5 May 2017

Great Britain – The Code of practice for the safe use of explosives in the construction industry (BS 5607) is currently out for consultation. The period began on 19 April and public comment ends on 20 June.

The committee responsible, B/513 – Construction equipment and plant and site safety, gives this briefing on the standard: “This British Standard gives recommendations for the safe storage, handling, transport and use of blasting explosives and accessories in construction and demolition operations. Section 1 covers general recommendations for handling and safety. Section 2 is concerned with safety in the use of explosives in special applications and situations such as tunnelling, demolition, excavation and underwater working.”

The explosives standard is not applicable to the following:
a) Blasting on offshore oil and/or gas platforms or structures, or any associated works
b) Underground works carried out for the purpose of exploiting mineral reserves and extensions to voids left following ore extraction, which are governed by legislation;
c) Operations involving the use of cartridge-operated fixing tools, which are specified by BS EN 15895 and whose use is covered by BS 4078-1.

Please follow this link to reach the standard: