Stonehenge Tunnel enjoys heritage support

11 December 2015

GREAT BRITAIN – A film has been released promoting the benefits of a tunnel to bury the A303 road; the route that passes Stonehenge, Britain’s most famous Neolithic monument. According to local newspaper the Salisbury Journal, Historic England, the National Trust and English Heritage produced the film.

Ian Wilson, Assistant Director of Operations for the National Trust in Dorset and Wiltshire, said: "We really hope the film brings to life the very real benefits that a tunnel could bring to the Stonehenge Landscape, for people and for wildlife.

"A full scheme has yet to be designed, but the Trust supports the Government's proposals in principle and we are committed to engaging with Highways England and others to ensure that any scheme will be fully and carefully considered and assessed."

Public opinion has been positive, but not entirely behind the proposed 2.9km tunnel. Thousands signed a petition for an even longer tunnel, which could bypass the entire 5km-diameter archaeological site entirely.