Beaminster tunnel repair works begin

5 December 2012

Repair work to Beaminster Tunnel in Dorset, where two people were killed in a landslip in July 2012, has started, local media reported yesterday.

Preliminary work will include fencing the area and clearing vegetation. In January 2013 a drainage system will be introduced and soil will be stabilised.

The portal arches at each end of the A3066 tunnel will also be strengthened and the approach walls will be anchored into the slopes with nails.

The repair works, which are expected to take 20 weeks to complete, have a life expectancy of 120 years. The council has received GBP 44M (USD 71M) in highways maintenance funding over the spending review period to 2014/15.

The tunnel had been closed since 7 July 2012 when a landslip was caused by heavy overnight rain. Crews who were sent to investigate the collapse of the tunnel in mid-July discovered a vehicle buried under earth and mud. Rosemary Snell and Michael Rolfe were found dead in a car buried under 700t of mud at a road tunnel entrance.