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Vision for a path ahead
09 September, 2022
Prof Arnold Dix has just been elected as new ITA President. Shortly beforehand, in T&T’s preview of WTC 2022, he described his proposed plans to accelerate a practical mission on sustainability in tunnelling – to include moves on procurement, contract conditions and metrics.

Kate Cooksey Interview
30 August, 2022
Kate Cooksey has completed one of the most unusual and challenges periods for any chair of the BTS. With much success achieved despite the trying times, she talks about the journey with Julian Champkin

‘Mrs Vera’ ventures forth
30 August, 2022
Robbins’ TBM ‘Mrs Vera’ was launched earlier this year to complete a tunnelling challenge in karstic limestone below St Louis, Missouri

Refurb rules in NY
30 August, 2022
Safety upgrade work has been completed on the Hugh L Carey and Queens Midtown tunnels in New York

Sound signals improve road tunnel evacuation
30 August, 2022
Norwegian researchers undertook sound signal studies to improve evacuation safety in road tunnels. Abridged report of paper by Tronstad, T.V., Jenssen, G.D., Moscoco, C., Södersten, C, of SINTEF, and Zaikonnikov, E. of Norphonic AS

Veronika Petschen – Interview
03 August, 2022
SCAUT, the Swiss Centre of Applied Underground Technology, is pioneering new methods and uses for underground spaces. Veronika Petschen is its newly-appointed managing director. She spoke to Julian Champkin to explain her vision for SCAUT and for future uses of the ground beneath our feet

Welcome back to WTC
03 August, 2022
The industry is on a countdown to meeting up again at ITA’s World Tunnelling Congress, held this year in Copenhagen, hosted by the Danish Society for Tunnels and Underground Works (DFTU). T&T offers a first preview

Research to reduce carbon in SCL
03 August, 2022
Research recently complete on low carbon sprayed concrete (LCSC), including work for HS2,is summarised by participants Chris Peaston of Peaston Concrete Consultancy, Chris Goodier, Sergio Cavalaro and Zhi Hu of Loughborough University, Michael Sataya of Arup, Stuart Manning of Shotcrete Services, and John Reddy of Ecocem

Sightline on sustainability
03 August, 2022
Alun Thomas, of All2plan Consulting, looks at ways sustainability could be achieved in tunnelling through innovation, such as permanent sprayed concrete linings (PSCL) and composite shell linings (CSL)

Low Carbon, High Ambition in Paris
03 August, 2022
Grand Paris Express is striding forward for tunnelling into a low carbon future using concrete tunnel segments on Lot 16.1, as described by Benoit de Rivaz of Bekaert

Low carbon for Silvertown
03 August, 2022
Silvertown road tunnel in London will use mostly fibre-reinforced concrete with GGBS for segmental lining, reports Patrick Reynolds

Going green at high-speed
03 August, 2022
Concrete use on UK’s HS2 rail project is speeding advances in construction sustainability. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Jinxiu Yan – Interview
24 June, 2022
The International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association (ITA) is the organisation that represents the tunnelling industry to the world. Its president since 2019 has been Jinxiu Yan. Here she speaks to Julian Champkin about her background, her role and her hopes for the ITA

Keeping hold of the natural balance
24 June, 2022
Careful groundwater management was vital to build Copenhagen’s metro and, elsewhere, dewatering is taking on more tunnelling challenges. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Strategies for dewatering
24 June, 2022
Dr Toby Roberts of WJ Group outlines the various dewatering strategies that are possible for cross passages, connection tunnels, caverns and adits

A new approach to tunneling
24 June, 2022
The complexity, cost and risk of tunnelling can be reduced by introducing radical new methods, writes Patrick Lane-Nott, Director of Engineering at hyperTunnel

Harding prize yields another worthy winner
24 June, 2022
Chris Barrett, a young civil engineer working with BAM Nuttall on Tideway’s Western Section C405 has won the British Tunnelling Society’s Harding Prize 2022 for his paper ‘The Planning and Construction of Main Line Tunnel B Connection Tunnel’ It is reproduced below by kind permission of the author

Update on Metro Projects in Europe and Asia
22 June, 2022
R Pandita and M Rehbock-Sander (both of Amberg Engineering) presented this paper at WTC2020 Malaysia and describe selected aspects of European and Asian metro projects, including geotechnics, construction, safety, ventilation and risk

Nat – Back to Rock
22 June, 2022
The biennial NAT tunneling conference will take place at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in Philadelphia, US on 19-22 June. Here follow a few tips to get the best out of the event

Differences between tunnelling and mining
23 May, 2022
Having worked on both mining and tunnelling projects, mining and underground infrastructure engineer Konstantinos Bastis looks at the differences between the two disciplines