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EVs help Ghella reduce project impact
29 November, 2023
Ghella is using EVs to reduce CO2 on water projects on opposite sides of the globe.

Skanska signs Norwegian highway contract
29 November, 2023
Skanska, in joint venture with Syltern, has signed a contract to build the new E6 highway in Norway, including an 800m tunnel.

Rescuers reach trapped workers
28 November, 2023
Rescuers have reached the 41 men trapped in a part tunnel collapse in India for 17 days and are preparing to pull them out.

Excavation starts on stage two of Western Harbour Tunnel
28 November, 2023
Acciona has started excavating the second phase of Sydney’s Western Harbour Tunnel.

Herrenknecht strengthens deep drilling business
28 November, 2023
Herrenknecht has strengthened its portfolio of automated drilling rigs and equipment by acquiring a majority stake in H Anger’s Söhne Bohr- und Brunnenbaugesellschaft.

ITA Tunnelling Awards winners revealed
27 November, 2023
The winners of this year’s ITA Tunnelling Awards were revealed on Friday.

Metal snag halts tunnel rescue
24 November, 2023
The rescue of the 41 men trapped in a part collapsed tunnel in India has halted after the auger hit metal objects.

Deutsche Bahn proposes Germany’s longest rail tunnel
23 November, 2023
Deutsche Bahn has announced a 30km tunnel as the preferred option for a new rail route between Dresden and Prague.

Tunnel rescue operation continues on three fronts
23 November, 2023
Drilling is continuing on three fronts to reach the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara Bend-Barkot Tunnel after a part collapse on November 12.

Half of HS2 Chiltern Tunnel cross-passage mining complete
23 November, 2023
Mining has been completed on half of the cross-passages for HS2’s longest tunnels.

Uttarakhand tunnel collapse: video released of trapped workers
22 November, 2023
A video of the 21 men trapped in a tunnel in India's Uttarakhand state was released yesterday.

TBM component lifts completed in London
21 November, 2023
HS2 has completed a set of major lifts of TBM components at its Victoria Road Crossover Box site, in Ealing, west London.

”Multiple options” explored to rescue trapped workers
20 November, 2023
Preparations are under way to build vertical shafts to rescue the 41 workers still trapped after a part collapse in the Silkyara Bend-Barkot Tunnel in India.

Bts december 2023 meeting – silvertown tunnel: a christmas jamboree of tunnelling
20 November, 2023
Thursday 14th December 2023 at 18:00 hrs

World Tunnel Congress 2024
20 November, 2023
World Tunnel Congress 2024 (WTC2024) will be held from April 19-25, 2024 in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, China. WTC2024 is held by international tunnelling and underground space association and association internationale des tunnels et de lespace souterrain (ITA-AITES) and organized by China Civil Engineering Society (CCES). WTC has been successfully held for 49 sessions and is the largest and most authoritative industrial event held by ITA every year.

Rescue continues to free workers trapped for six days
17 November, 2023
Rescuers have drilled about one-third of the way into the debris of the tunnel collapse in Uttarakhand in northern India to reach 40 workers trapped inside for six days, media reports have said.

HS2 tunnelling continues after sinkhole appears
16 November, 2023
Tunnelling on the HS2 line through the Chilterns is continuing after a sinkhole appeared last week.

India rescue race goes on; further slides feared
16 November, 2023
Tunnelling efforts to rescue trapped workers continue to test how to delicately excavate through collapse debris in northern India amidst fears there could be more ground movement in the road tunnel and around the portal.

Viedekke secures Stockholm tunnel contract
15 November, 2023
Veidekke has won the contract to build a new wastewater tunnel in Stockholm.

Tunnelling protects Northumbrian heritage site
15 November, 2023
Underground tunnelling to lay a new water pipe has protected a historic railway in Northumberland.