Worker killed on subway station site

12 October 2011

A construction worker died on at the York University subway station work site on Tuesday afternoon in Toronto, crushed by a piece of heavy equipment.

Police have not yet released the worker’s name, nor the name of the construction company that employed the victim.

A drilling rig at tipped over crushing the construction worker to death and injuring five other workers.

The rig, used to bore holes in the ground, apparently tipped over onto two other pieces of machinery, a backhoe and front-end loader, killing a 25-year-old worker in the cab of one of those vehicles, said a report from Toronto Transit.

Emergency Medical Services personnel rushed five other workers who suffered injuries, ranging from major to minor to Sunnybrook Hospital.

Officials from the Ontario Ministry of Labour continue to investigate the incident. The station is part of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension. Current work at the subway station site is preparatory and tunnelling has not started here.