TTC announces new underground facility

5 July 2018

US – TTC honors the past while driving the future through the establishment of the Barbera Underground Infrastructure Research and Training (BUIRT) Facility.

This facility honors the past through the recognition of the contributions of the Barbera family (Leo and Jim) to the trenchless industry. It drives the future of the industry through the establishment of a world-class field training and research facility.

This facility will be available for the research, development, and training for the entire trenchless technology industry including TTC Specialty Schools such as Auger Boring School and Utility Investigation School. In addition, it will be available for international equipment and material manufactures and technology providers for R&D and technology validation. This facility will replace the facility which was used for the previous TTC Auger Boring School.

"We would like to invite industry organizations to visit TTC to see how this facility and our National Trenchless Technology Research Facility can be used to assist their mission," said Tom Iseley, of the TTC. "This facility will include a climate controlled enclosure features for year-round utilization. It will also have an advanced smart sound system to enhance the learning experience."

This project will be on a fast track for the inauguration ceremony during the next TTC Auger Boring School taking place on November 12 to 16. Sponsorship options are available by contacting Iseley [email protected] or (404) 386-5667.