LTA issues Cross Island Line EIA results

15 February 2016

SINGAPORE – The Environmental Impact Assessment for the stretch of Cross Island Line around the Central Catchment Nature Reserve has been issued. It concluded that the proposed site investigation works would cause ‘moderate impact’ on the few parts of the reserve where works are to take place.

LTA stated that it was studying two alignment options in the vicinity of the reserve, requiring an EIA, site investigation works and a feasibility study. The results of these will be considered along with other factors such as transport connectivity, travel times, costs, and impact on home owners and other land owners and users when deciding the eventual alignment.

The line was announced in 2013 and will double the length of the rail network in Singapore by 2030. Running for approximately 50km, it will be the eighth such line in Singapore.

LTA Chief Executive, Chew Men Leong said, "Since the announcement of CRL in January 2013, we have worked closely with nature groups, the National Parks Board, and engineering experts to study the best way to conduct site investigation works in the vicinity of Central Catchment Nature Reserve. We have incorporated the valuable views and suggestions of the nature groups in the report. The findings from the engineering feasibility study and the site investigation will provide critical information to help the Government make a considered decision on the CRL alignment that best serves the public interest."