Ground Characterisation and Structural Analyses for Tunnel Design

19 September 2019

Spain – The long-awaited English version of the ground characterisation book by Benjamin Celada and Professor Bieniawski has been published. The original Spanish version was released several years ago.

The publisher’s synopsis reads: This practical and design-oriented book focuses on ground characterisation and structural calculation, as part of the active structural design methodology. With a focus on rock tunnelling it offers a comprehensive rather than a topic-based perspective, deriving sound tunnel design criteria and methods from basic principles. Ground characterisation includes excavations, site investigation, and in situ stress determination, culminating in geotechnical classifications. The book then deals with various construction methods and their appropriate calculations, which range from constitutive models for the stress-strain behaviour of an excavation and tunnel support elements to a full stress–strain analysis methodology.

The heavily practical approach of the book draws on the authors’ twenty years of tunnelling experience in Spain and South America. It will help any young or established professional who wants to develop a career in the underground field across both civil engineering and geology. As it incorporates the very fundamentals of tunnelling design, it can be used as a support for tunnelling courses or as a textbook for master’s and PhD courses.

Celada was Chief Tunnel Engineer at Hunosa and Potasas de Navarra before founding Geocontrol. He has also worked for twenty years as Professor of Underground Works at the Polytechnic Mining University in Madrid.

Bieniawski directed the Rock Mechanics Department of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in Pretoria, then taught at the Pennsylvania State University for 20 years.

Interested readers can purchase the book here from

ISBN: 9780815386629