Airdrie TBM extracted

16 January 2012

The Airdrie stormwater sewer TBM was last month hauled from its reception shaft after completing a 1.2km tunnel in Lanarkshire, Scotland. The tunnel is 2.44m internal diameter and runs up to 40m below ground in places. Excavation was concluded in late December.

The tunnel will divert water flows caused by heavy rain into a new storm tank near the old Airdrie sewage works. Water quality will be improved and the risk of flooding will be reduced by the project.

A spokesman for client Scottish Water said, “This is one of the largest projects that Scottish Water is doing in Scotland in the 2010-2015 investment period.”

Scottish Water project manager Brian Dalton said, “In the coming months our other TBM will be creating smaller tunnels under the area around the railway station and adjoining streets.

“These will connect the new storm transfer sewer to the local network. To enable this, work will be carried out at the car park to the rear of Stirling Street in phases to maximise available car parking space for local residents.

Dalton added, “This work has been agreed with North Lanarkshire Council and is due to be completed by March 2012. By autumn 2012 the work will be finished.”