P. Ducker Systems Ltd (PDS)

PDS delivers and supports high integrity Infrastructure Control Systems, working over 35 years extensively in the UK’s transport industries, deploying innovative Intelligent Transport and Tunnel Systems(ITS). Involving technologies from the control room down to the roadside. Including Intelligent Transport Systems, Tunnel Control and Monitoring Systems; Tunnels maintenance; Lighting; Lighting Control Systems; Radio; Public Address Systems; Automatic Incident Detection; Ventilation Control Systems; Fire Detection Systems; Software; Information Systems; Tunnel Sensors; Signs and Signals.

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P. Ducker Systems Ltd (PDS)
Olympus House, Stephenson's Way
Wyvern Business Park, Derby, DE21 6LY
United Kingdom
Company Website: www.pdslimited.co.uk

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Year Established: 1988
URL: www.pdslimited.co.uk

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