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Offering low and high voltage cable coupler solutions for a variety of applications including the popular and original 22kV genderless version well suited to mechanised tunnelling projects. KonNx UK and partner companies continually develop, innovate and manufacture couplers that are safe, high quality and reliable.
Standard key features of the KonNx high voltage range include a genderless and ergonomic design, full phase to earth segregation, arc extinguishing phase insulators, IP68 rating, integrated pilot / earth connector and LED Live Line indicators. The KonNx range is currently offered at voltages from 6.6kV to 35kV with integrated fibre optic options also available.

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KonNx UK
2 Ashmere Avenue, Beckenham
Kent, BR3 6PQ
United Kingdom
Company Website: www.konnx.co.uk

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Year Established: 2021
URL: www.konnx.co.uk

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