National Grid awards LPT2 tunnels contract

19 December 2019

Great Britain – National Grid has signed a GBP 400M contract with Hochtief-Murphy JV to deliver the tunnels and shafts for the London Power Tunnels (LPT2) project. The overall scheme will cost GBP 1bn (USD 1.3bn) and take six years to complete. This is the second phase of the LPT project.

The lining types are expanded lining and universal tapered lining with an internal diameter of 3m External diameter 3.36m, 180mm thickness and 1,200mm length. The material will be C50/60 Concrete with steel fibre reinforcement (with the addition of polypropylene fibres).

Work is scheduled to start in March 2020. The project will see the construction of a 32.5km tunnel which will house electricity transmission cables some 30m underground. The new cables will replace three circuits currently in use. The project will eliminate the need to dig up the existing cable infrastructure, which is now more than 50-years-old and reaching the end of its life.

The first phase of the London Power Tunnels project was completed in 2018.