Monitoring contract for Kuala Lumpur tunnel awarded

12 December 2012

Instrumentation and monitoring systems for the underground sections of the Klang Valley MRT has been awarded to Maxwell Geosystems.

The alignment of the 9.3km tunnel is expected to pass through challenging ground conditions such as karstic limestone with caves and cavities, which is overlain by soft soil. The route also takes the MRT below densely populated areas and a number of heritage structures.

Maxwell has said the company is working with MMC Gamuda, the main contractor, to develop an approach to geotechnical and structural risk monitoring during the work. The company has said that it will create a shared real time analysis system to allow the project teams to predict and control the ground and groundwater movements.

The Klang Valley MRT project is the largest construction project in the country. It is expected to improve the coverage of rail-based public transport in the Klang Valley and enable 50 per cent of all trips in the Klang Valley to be done on public transport by 2020, up from the current 17 per cent.