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British Tunnelling Society
01 June, 2023 Thursday 15th June 2023 at 18:00 hrs, In-Person at Institution of Civil Engineers, 1 Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA


Alison Norrish Interview
27 March, 2023 It is fun to go deep – but don’t do it. We can make our tunnels watertight – but should we? And what’s wrong with a few cracks in a tunnel wall anyway? Julian Champkin talked to Alison Norrish, urban tunneller extraordinaire, who challenges views on what makes good underground engineering
  • Danube bundle
    Two Austrian towns had their utility networks improved in one step with services pipes running through a new shared micro-tunnel, constructed under the River Danube
  • Challenges and successes
    A brief snapshot sample of large and small utility tunnelling challenges and successes across the globe over recent months
  • Tunnelling in the high Himalayas
    A joint meeting of BTSYM/TAIym in April 2022 heard a description of the challenges and wonder of activities to prepare for road tunnelling in the Himalayas above 5000m altitude, in India. Presentation was by Lt Colonel Sunny of Border Roads Organisation (BRO), and Ahmed Shaz and Sandeep Nirmal of RITES. Ahmed Shaz provides a summary of the webinar
  • Muon sight in tunnels
    Cosmic ray R&D is bringing muon-based systems to highlight density differences that can reveal voids or marked variations in ground conditions, and also permit non-destructive testing behind tunnel lining, explains Prof Lee Thompson, Technical Director of Geoptic