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Tunnelling set to start for Northumbrian Water
12 April, 2024 The TBM that will tunnel under the River Tees for Northumbrian Water’s Project Pipeline: County Durham and Tees Valley has arrived on site.


Robert Mair – Interview
28 February, 2024 Few in the tunnelling world are known to the general public, fewer still are profiled in a broadcast programme such as on BBC’s prestigious ‘The Life Scientific’ on Radio Four. In fact, only one has been accorded that mark of public recognition and interest – Robert Mair, Emeritus Professor of Civil Engineering at Cambridge University, and recent Master of Jesus College there, and is past-President of the Institution of Civil Engineers.
  • Resilient underground design and systems
    The need for subsurface spaces to be more sustainable and resilient was the focus of an ITA report published last year which, in considering ‘Urban Underground Space for Resilient Cities’, looked at need, strategies, design concepts to address the challenges
  • Delving Deep: Rethinking Underground Use
    Rethinking Our Cities using the Underground Space’ was the important theme of a dedicated collaborative event hosted in Porto, Portugal, by the Portuguese tunnelling society (CPT), in Nov 2023, and moderated by ITACUS Co-chair Antonia Cornaro, Expert Underground Space with Amberg Engineering as well as lecturer on Planning of Underground Space at ETH Zurich. In this article, she describes and summarises the key points of the interesting discussion.
  • Norwegian tunnels stats update: 2023
    Latest annual data update on tunnelling activity in Norway shows another year of higher activity overall and another year of changes in who is most active