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BTS D&C course
30 December, 2015
Alex Conacher attended the BTS Tunnel Design and Construction Course in June this year for a weeklong crash course in tunnelling

Improved safety measures in road tunnels for people with reduced mobility
30 December, 2015
Having previously examined (in the August issue of Tunnels and Tunnelling International) what constitutes a person with reduced mobility in terms of a road tunnel evacuation, outlined the legal position on provision, and highlighted the very real barriers disabled person’s face in tunnels, Mouchel’s Peter Bishop and Imtech Traf c & Infra UK’s Ali Mahdmina now turn their atttention to the design, procedural and technological solutions that can improve and enhance the current position

Operations for designers
25 November, 2015
Andy Evans, immediate past chair the Road Tunnel Operator Association (RTOA), discusses tunnel operations for designers of tunnel life safety systems designers

Spring to action
25 November, 2015
An overview of works required for Thomson Line contract T208 as TBM launch completes. Alex Conacher speaks with the John Holland Leighton Asia JV

TBMS return to Norway
25 November, 2015
For the first time in three decades Norway is using a TBM for one of its long tunnel projects, the Ulriken near Bergen. The drive is just beginning reports Adrian Greeman

Is tunnel ventilation sustainable?
25 November, 2015
Tunnel ventilation can consume substantial power, which can amount to several megawatts, as well as requiring expensive structural space and electrical facilities. Although sustainability is now recognised to be a key goal for infrastructure development, its application to tunnel ventilation is still in its infancy. This article by Fathi Tarada, secretary of the World Road Association PIARC, and MD of Mosen summarises some key lessons from the forthcoming PIARC report on sustainable road operations, and draws some examples from practice

In the pink
24 November, 2015
A treacherous under passing of an historical gate in Jaipur is the key challenge on the city’s first venture into underground mass rapid transit. Alex Conacher speaks to Chris Cooper of contractor CICI and Jim Clark of manufacturer Robbins

Innovation & technological advances in the design of segmental lining
18 November, 2015
A report on the September 2015 meeting of the British Tunnelling Society, where engineers from CH 2M and Ozengi spoke on the future of segmental lining. For the full paper, please see Tunnels and Tunnelling September 2015, page 31. Paul Perry, newly appointed to the BTS Committee, and in charge of meetings, reports

Beyond an education
04 November, 2015
Ready to improve the world and help others, Belinda Li, an environmental engineer for Tetra Tech EBA, moved to Mawali in South Africa to volunteer with Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada. Nicole Robinson spoke with her about the transformative experience working and living abroad

Thinking GEO
03 November, 2015
Mark Diederichs, professor of Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, discusses tunnelling education, research and deveopment and the role of geological engineering

Educational experience
03 November, 2015
In combination with the TAC Workshop in being held at Queen’s University in Kingston this month, Tunnels & Tunnelling presents a snapshot of educational options available for tunnel engineering students and professionals in this special insight section

Next gen potash
03 November, 2015
At a joint meeting of the British Tunnelling Society and Min South, John Elliott - Managing director, Alan Auld Engineering and Alun Price Jones - Technical director, Cementation Mining presented the Picadilly potash mine in canada. The presentation looked at some deep mine shafts and explored the next generation of potash mines currently being sunk in canada. The design and construction of the shafts for the Piccadilly project were also described in detail

Under the river
03 November, 2015
Tunnelling under the Fraser River in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, is no easy task. That is what the Port Mann Main Water Supply Tunnel project team has learned over the past three years. Stephanie Fekete and Andrew McGlenn of McMillen Jacobs Associates discuss the recent tunnel completion and summarize the demands that were required in order to make this drive successful

TAC Reports
03 November, 2015
Every October the four Tunnel Association of Canada (TAC) regional directors provide anoverview of the market in their annual reports

Breaking boundaries
03 November, 2015
Prior to 2012, the integration of designed vertical or horizontal curves into microtunnel alignments was unheard of in Ontario. Following the release of a large number of infrastructure projects in suburban Toronto, clients and consultants encouraged contractors to present value engineered alternatives to pr oposed project alignments and construction methods. Seamus Tynan and John Grennan of Ward and Burke discuss three recent projects successfully constructing long-distance, curved microtunnels

A perfect storm
30 October, 2015
The UK pipe jacking industry is in a sharp, albeit brief slump. Several factors have come together to make what was supposed to be an end to the rollercoaster of water work, into a complete halt in activity. Alex Conacher reports.

Filder tunnel
30 October, 2015
Progress is good so far on the Filder, biggest of the Stuttgart 21 rail project tunnels in southern Germany.

Maximum safety under maximum pressure
30 October, 2015
A large road tunnel deep beneath a strait, a railway tunnel through an enormously complex mountain range, a water tunnel under tremendous ambient pressures: mechanized tunnelling is penetrating into new terrain underground. True partnership with contractors and project owners leads to pioneering developments in machine technology. Integrating knowledge from professional offshore diving also contributes to significant progress in tunnel construction. Herrenknecht's Werner Burger, head of engineering and member of the traffic tunnelling executive board and Georg Küffner, writer, elaborate.

Fit for purpose
30 October, 2015
An expanded concrete lining was suffering in void-filled, desiccated Lambeth Group geology, before London Underground intervention to re-line the operational tunnel with SGI saved the day. Alex Conacher speaks to LU’s lead tunnel engineer and CDM designer/coordinator Neel Goorvadoo.

Gulf expansion
29 October, 2015
The tunnelling industry is not just an appealing source of work for the usual contractors, consultants and machinery manufacturers. Companies working in sectors often regarded as peripheral to a tunnelling project are also following the ebb and flow of underground work carefully. Alex Conacher speaks to Bert Biermans, senior projects manager for WWL ALS.