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Old wine for New wine
18 December, 2014
POPE FRANCIS delivered a pep talk to the European Parliament last month. In it, he gently styled the continent as feeling haggard and elderly. No longer able to meet its challenges with vigour or vitality.

Remember the fifth of November
18 November, 2014
In a couple of months it will be the 410th anniversary of the first attempt at the Gunpowder Treason in the UK. By the time this issue reaches you, Guy Fawkes Night (‘Bonfire Night’ in the UK) itself will have passed. But less well known is an attempt, 11 months earlier, to blow up the British Parliament with a tunnelled cache of explosives, rather than the less exciting option of a cellar rented beneath the seat of government itself.

Young members matter
31 October, 2014
In the last 15 months there has been a flourish of countries establishing Young Member Groups in tunnelling organisations, and that includes both Canada and the US. In May the ITA General Assembly in Brazil approved the creation of an ITA Young Members Group. Its mission is to “bridge the generation gap and provide a technical network platform for young professionals in the tunnelling and underground space industry."

Oh Canada
03 October, 2014
With the autumn conference season upon us the tunnelling community is next month heading to Vancouver to take part in the Tunnelling Association of Canada’s biennial conference.

It's later than you think
26 August, 2014
AS the tunnelling community plans to descend upon London for the British Tunnelling Society conference next month, Mayor Boris Johnson has set out a GBP 1.3 trillion (USD 2.2 trillion) development plan that lays down a treasure trove of underground opportunities for the city. The plan outlines the infrastructure developments needed to keep pace with London's growth.

Better together
27 July, 2014
A sullen Lionel Messi stood with stooped shoulders next to the award winning German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the immediate aftermath of the Fifa World Cup Final.

Next Generation
18 June, 2014
Recently, various reports have been released that confirm the ever-widening gap between the Millennial generation and the preceding Baby Boomers.

ITA turns 40
26 March, 2014
WHEN CONSIDERING an anniversary it is always fun to delve into the archives and see what the past can reveal. The International Tunnelling Association's 40th birthday is no exception and when routing through the early editions of Tunnels we happened across an interview with Alan Muir Wood ahead of the first ITA meeting in Oslo, 1974.

Spending Spree
19 March, 2014
This month marks the fifth anniversary of the Recovery Act, the government’s attempt to create new jobs and spur economic growth at a time when the economy seemed very bleak. Congress and President Obama issued USD 787bn in tax cuts, funding for entitlement programs (such as unemployment benefits and funding for federal contracts), grants and loans, which was later upped to USD 840bn.

In with the new
26 February, 2014
In a Finnish conference hall in 2011, Sao Paulo hammered both Singapore and Sydney, and was selected to host the World Tunnel Congress in 2014.