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Look back to move forward
27 December, 2012
Last month the world’s oldest working digital computer was rebooted after three years of painstaking rebuilding. The machine was found in a storeroom where it had been left abandoned for 15 years. In its prime in the 1950s the computer had been used by the UK’s atomic energy research programme. The 2.5t machine will now take pride of place at Bletchley Park, the site of the English code breaking efforts during World War II.

Time to take charge
19 November, 2012
Tunnels North America editor Nicole Robinson this month looks at the booming Canadian tunnelling market and the mega projects of the US. Last month’s sell out Tunnelling Association of Canada’s conference was a clear indicator of interest in the country and the numerous upcoming hydropower and transport works.

Getting involved
22 October, 2012
While the Gregorian calendar may mark the start of the New Year in January, for many the autumn signi¬fies the beginning of a new venture as students go back to school. Here in the northern hemisphere especially, this season is traditionally a time to reflect on the successes and hard work of the harvest, and to be thankful for the bounty in our lives.

Getting the girls
15 October, 2012
Autumn is upon us, the morning rush hour is once again full of SUVs on the school run and summer researchers are beginning to report back their ¬findings. The most outstanding of which is the revelation that nearly half of England’s state schools do not send any girls on to study physics at a higher level.

London crawling
27 August, 2012
As T&TI goes to press in its London offices, and the world watches the city prepare for the Olympics, locals are bemused at the prospect of inviting 5.3 million guests from all over the world to fight for a seat on the aging, and massively over-capacity infrastructure in the UK capital.

Perspectives in place
08 August, 2012
In the June issue I covered the heinous video released in response to a subway project running under Beverly Hills. If you still haven’t watched the video, it’s still there on YouTube by the name of “No Subway Under BHHS.” I needn’t explain more about how dangerous this scare-mongering is, and the role the tunnel industry plays in preventing behavior like that.

Hammersmith hypocrites
02 July, 2012
Surely it is time the members of the public take responsibility for their actions. If you oppose a major construction project you should feel the consequences. And certainly if you oppose a project of national interest because of nimbyism you should be stripped of local interest developments.

Battle: LA
12 June, 2012
Los Angeles has seen a showdown over a subway extension for more than a year now. In October 2010 the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) approved the draft environmental impact report for the Westside Subway Extension on the city’s Purple Line.

The only thing we have to fear...
04 June, 2012
Some 60m under Zhanjiang Bay in southern China, and about a kilometer from the tunnel entrance, this editor breaks for water with the project manager and the chief engineer.

Are republicans good for infrastructure?
16 May, 2012

Chance on Thailand
16 May, 2012
Many, including the World Bank, consider Thailand to be one of the great development success stories, with sustained strong growth and impressive poverty reduction. The Thai economy was one of the world’s fastest growing in the decade ending 1995, with an average rate of eight to nine per cent a year, according to the World Bank. Following the Asian Crisis of 1997-98 the country managed a growth rate of around five per cent a year.

Talking tunnels
16 April, 2012
In ‘his’ first appearance for some years Drifter, the old T&T favourite, returns on page 58 to urge tunnellers to be more talkative. He calls for everyone to become more vocal in his or her support of the industry and in educating others on the importance of underground infrastructure. In a similar vein, the incoming and outgoing chairs of the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) argue the importance of raising tunnelling awareness with politicians and clients. Damian McGirr and Bob Ibell argue that a steady future workload can be achieved by ensuring each city planner has the use of underground space firmly on the agenda. McGirr says the BTS will be central in making this happen.