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Canadian distance record
20 November, 2020
Microtunnelling can save costs, surface disruption and inconvenience to the public, while the distances that can be covered are increasing. Julian Champkin looks at a 5km project in Canada and asks whether the technique can stretch even further

Hunting the record
20 February, 2020
Romed Insam from Brenner Base Tunnel SE and Michael Rehbock-Sander, head of engineering at the Brenner Base Tunnel North JV, working for Amberg Engineering, report on the challenges and the current state of the future longest tunnel in the world

Tunnel construction impacts on utility pipelines
12 February, 2019
The lecture was presented at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 19th January 2017. Dr. Barry New was introduced by Lord Robert Mair. This paper is based on the lecture and contains further supporting material and analyses.

Ventilation and climate for a 53km trans-Andean base tunnel
26 December, 2011
This paper, adapted from that presented at the Underground Construction conference in London, UK, inApril by Andrea Krpo, describes ventilation concepts, including fire control, for a proposed rail basetunnel through the Andes to improve transport between Argentina and Chile. Co-authors are Mattia Ferrazzini, Michael Flueckiger and Peter Reinke, all of HBI Haerter of Berne, Switzerland

Arup background in Crossrail Board changes
14 July, 2011

Making moves
01 January, 2006

Sedrun - Gotthard's toughest challenge
01 November, 2004
Planning to drive sections of the world's long-est tunnel from its centre point, 2500m underground in variable, squeezing ground, was indeed a challenge. However, using a combi-nation of mining and civil tunnelling methods, it is a challenge that many manufacturers have been lining up to meet with innovative equipment, reports Maurice Jones

Past innovation on the historic Kilsby Tunnel
01 July, 2004
Dr M O'Reilly relives the construction of the UK's historic Kilsby Tunnel, completed in June 1838. Significant in the history of civil engineering, the tunnel represented the first major application of groundwater lowering by pumping, and helped to establish renowned UK engineer, Robert Stephenson's, reputation

Fire considerations on the CTRL Tunnels
01 May, 2004
The UK's Channel Tunnel Rail Link Section 2 features long stretches of twin bore rail tunnel under London. Eddie Woods, RLE London Tunnels Area project engineer, and Arup director, and Paul Scott, Arup associate, describe the cross passage design and fire considerations for the lining

London Tunnels breakthrough
01 January, 2004

CTRL contract 320 TBM finishes first
01 November, 2003

Thameslink 2000 tunnels shape up
01 June, 2003

Ground collapse above CTRL
01 March, 2003

Competence in the tunnelling industry
01 November, 2002
Prior to their forthcoming lecture, which will be presented to British Tunnelling Society members on 21 November, Douglas Allenby of Edmund Nuttall, Bob Ibell of London Bridge Associates and Peter Jewell of Halliburton KBR, explain the need for an independent assessment of competence within the British tunnelling industry, and discuss current training initiatives

Tunnel starts under Antwerp
15 October, 2002

CTRL Section 2 launch
10 September, 2002

BTS debate - Certifiably argumentative
05 May, 2002
On the 21st March 2002, The British Tunnelling Society held it's annual debate. The motion proposed to the house, "Self-Certification is Dangerous for Tunnelling", produced a strongly argued discussion, which generated a very close result

Dividends from a shared interest in quality
01 October, 2001
In this, the first part of their paper 'Self certification on the North Downs Tunnel', submitted to the Harding Prize Competition 2001, Esther Casson and Rand Selman (both seconded to Miller Civil Engineering Services from Mott MacDonald) review how self-certification was developed successfully and brought gains during construction of the North Downs tunnel for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link

Contract set to go on Antwerp tunnel
21 September, 2001

CTRL awards green light project start-up
01 February, 2001