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Vital tunnels for utilities
16 February, 2023
Utility tunnels are among key underground investments in two major Canadian cities – Toronto and Vancouver

Marine shaft construction with outfall tunnel connection
29 December, 2022
The Musaimeer outfall project in Qatar had many interesting technical aspects and construction challenges. In this feature, the second feature of the project by Gary Peach, and along with Khalid Saif Al-Khayareen, the works needed to build an offshore shaft that would be intercepted by a TBM, then to be buried, are discussed.

Southern Water launches market engagement phase 2
07 November, 2022
Southern Water has launched the second phase of market engagement for the Hampshire Water Transfer and Water Recycling Project.

Ready for Rogfast
26 September, 2022
Early excavation is underway for Norway’s world-beating Rogfast subsea road tunnel, which also calls for a large access tunnel and shaft construction from a midway island. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Research to reduce carbon in SCL
03 August, 2022
Research recently complete on low carbon sprayed concrete (LCSC), including work for HS2,is summarised by participants Chris Peaston of Peaston Concrete Consultancy, Chris Goodier, Sergio Cavalaro and Zhi Hu of Loughborough University, Michael Sataya of Arup, Stuart Manning of Shotcrete Services, and John Reddy of Ecocem

Amtrak launches procurement for tunnel replacement
23 June, 2022
Amtrak has issued a Request for Letters of Interest for the B&P Replacement Tunnel in Baltimore.

A long line of success
14 April, 2022
Dean Brox of Dean Brox Consulting reviews the benefits and successes associated with precast concrete tunnel linings when used for hydropower tunnels

TBM challenges on a demanding sea outfall
14 April, 2022
Gary Peach, project manager and consultant with Mott MacDonald (Doha, Qatar) discusses the challenges and management deployed to overcome and successfully complete what has been hailed as the Middle East’s longest storm and groundwater tunnel

Terratec delivers TBM for Bangkok cable project
28 February, 2022
Terratec is set to deliver the 4.27m EPB TBM for the South Bangkok Cable Tunnel Project in Thailand.

A cool way to tunnel
28 January, 2022
Tunnelling for the southernmost construction lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel runs below the Isarco River in Northern Italy and necessitated the use of a ground freezing technique that combines co-axial nitrogen and brine circuits. Julian Champkin reports

Tunnels facilitate water flow
29 November, 2021
Water system upgrades are keeping the North American tunnelling industry busy. Keren Fallwell reports

Cross river rail to tackle Brisbane’s urban growth
29 November, 2021
Australia’s cities are engaged in some major underground rail projects. Sydney and Melbourne both have their metro schemes. Brisbane is host to another – and also to the Olympic Games. Julian Champkin reports

CSO capture for cleaner water
29 October, 2021
Jon Sickling, Tunnel Shafts Delivery Manager, Watercare Services, and Stefano Vittor, Construction Manager, Ghella-Abergeldie JV, outline details of New Zealand’s largest wastewater project – Auckland’s new Central Interceptor

Construction about to begin at Kinguele Aval hydro
25 August, 2021
Financial closure has been declared for the Kinguele Aval hydropower project in Gabon, Central Africa.

Lake Mead water level plunges to historic low
17 August, 2021
Created in the 1930s by the completion of the Hoover Dam blocking the Colorado River, Lake Mead has contracted to a historically diminished area, threatening the way of life of millions living in the West and Southwest US who depend on it for water.

A novel concrete arch pre-support system
27 July, 2021
Ehsan Azadi of Tehran-based Pajoohesh Consulting Engineers discusses the behaviour of surface settlement using numerical simulation methods (Plaxis 2D and 3D) in a hardening soil model and the use of a new concrete arch pre-support system (CAPS) on Line 2 Metro, Mashhad

Geothermal energy from safe rock zones
17 June, 2021
Writing for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Dr Benedikt Vogel looks at recent research aimed at enabling better and more efficient methods of extracting geothermal energy

Excavation progressing on Buenos Aires water supply tunnel
02 March, 2021
Having passed site acceptance testing, ‘Eva’ - a Terratec 4.66m-diameter earth pressure balance TBM - has started excavating the Rio Subterraneo a Lomas tunnel in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Pushing for victory
29 January, 2021
A National Grid project to push a 5km pipeline under an estuary of global importance to wildlife has resulted in the world’s longest pipeline river crossing in a tunnel, safeguarding the UK’s gas supply for a century and earning a place in Guinness World Records. Julian Champkin reports

The third way
16 December, 2020
Genoa has a magnificent sea port but desperately poor communications inland. A third route is being developed under the mountains that surround the city. Julian Champkin reports