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Election year
31 October, 2016
Tunnel work in the US has seen support from voters in some local elections and possibly more this November. Nicole Robinson, editor of Tunnels and Tunnelling North America highlights tunnel projects across the country

Dragados to build the Thimble Shoal Channel Tunnel
29 July, 2016
US - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel (CBBT) Commission announced July 27 it awarded the Dragados Team a contract to construct a new parallel tunnel at the Thimble Shoal Channel.

Bids opened for Thimble Shoal tunnel project
03 May, 2016
USA - The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel district (CBBT) received its Final Technical Proposals and Price Proposals for the Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project on April 29.

New York's Number 7 Subway Line Extension opens
24 September, 2015
USA - The No. 7 Subway Line Extension has opened in New York. The project has extended the metro line into the vicinity of 25th Street and 11th Avenue.

City of expansion
27 June, 2014
By the end of the year there should be three separate tunnelling contracts underway in Los Angeles to expand the region’s public transportation system. Nicole Robinson looks at each project.

In the nick of time
19 March, 2014
As the Hudson Yards development moved toward construction, a small window of opportunity for new rail infrastructure connecting New Jersey to Manhattan began to close. Nicole Robinson looks at the tunnel box project securing the right of way for potential tunnels under the Hudson River.

Go West
07 June, 2013
The market for megaprojects moves to the West Coast as tunnelling wraps up on most New York Subway drives, Nicole Robinson reports.

NYC's 7 Subway Line Extension awarded project of the year
17 May, 2013
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has announced that the USD 1.1bn Running Tunnels and Underground Structures contract, the first portion of the USD 2.1bn 7 Line Extension Project will be awarded the 2013 construction project of the year by the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. It was completed five months ahead of schedule and under budget, MTA stated.

Water tunnel bypass project set to begin
16 January, 2013
The New York City Department of Environmental Protection has issued the contract for construction of two shafts at the Rondout West Branch Tunnel of the Delaware Aqueduct, local news reports revealed this week. The contract was awarded to New Jersey-based company, Schiavone Construction of Secaucus, for USD 101.66M.

MTA awards contract for tunnels to NY's Grand Central Terminal
26 September, 2012
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has awarded a USD 56M contract to build a ventilation facility on East 55th Street in Manhattan, which is due for completion in April 2015, the authority announced this week. MTA announced that it awarded the contract to a joint venture of Schiavone Construction Co. and John P. Picone, Inc.

From sea to shining sea
06 February, 2012
Demand for tunnels in North America is strong to meet public transportation and water conveyance needs. Nicole Robinson highlights projects in the region

T&T Awards shortlist
09 November, 2011

The tale of three cities
10 June, 2011
The market for tunnelling in North America is strong but also struggling due to political and financial pressures, and more recently public outcry. Nicole Robinson profiles tunnelling projects in New York, Seattle and Toronto

Moving forward under Second Avenue
09 June, 2011
The hustle and bustle of New York’s streets doesn’t stop at the pavement. Beneath the city a number of subway projects are taking shape to provide transit for more than eight million residents plus the tourists who flock there every year. Nicole Robinson reports on tunnelling for the new subway line beneath Second Avenue

Big city constraints
13 April, 2011
The first phase of New York City’s long-awaited Second Avenue Subway line is under construction. Nicole Robinson talks to Schiavone Construction Co. LLC’s Julio Martinez and Chris Cosenzo about the challenges of tunneling in the densely-populated east side of Manhattan

Coasting along
13 April, 2011
As clients deal with financial constraints, the tunneling industry in the East Coast region may see limited growth over the next few years. But with all of the work in New York, plus clean water regulations elsewhere, the market should hold steady, Nicole Robinson finds

Working on the west side
29 November, 2010
This summer saw a major milestone for the No. 7 Line Extension project, with the final breakthrough of the two TBMs mining the twin subway tunnels. Nicole Robinson looks into the project and its progress

Finesse in tough environments
10 November, 2010
Technologies employed underground to ensure positional accuracy have advanced at great pace over recent years. The portable computer, data processor and laser have all but replaced the tape, notepad and pencil. These, together with the introduction of lasers as reference axes and the toughening of electronics, have led to major benefits in productivity. Maurice Jones reviews some of the latest developments

Decision pending on future of ARC
21 October, 2010

Christie cancels Trans-Hudson Express
08 October, 2010