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Vital tunnels for utilities
16 February, 2023
Utility tunnels are among key underground investments in two major Canadian cities – Toronto and Vancouver

Sustainability key at bauma Conexpo India
08 February, 2023
Sustainable technologies were a major focus at this year’s bauma Conexpo India.

Shields at the ready
23 January, 2023
With multiple TBM tunnelling projects constantly in preparation or underway globally, T&T briefly spotlights a few from the last couple of years

Two tales of technology
23 January, 2023
Recent technology successes for Robbins include an award-winning conversion of a TBM diameter while underground, and continuing to see the difference the robust McNally support system delivers for excavations in difficult ground

Nepalese headrace tunnel makes good progress
22 November, 2022
Tunnelling is progressing on the 13.1km headrace tunnel for the Sunkoshi Marin Diversion Multipurpose Project in southern Nepal.

Johann Herdina interview
21 November, 2022
With a tunnelling career spanning decades in the Alps, Johann Herdina has significant experience leading on the planning and delivery of major underground projects. He talks to Julian Champkin

Upward climbs for TBMS
26 September, 2022
Inclined shafts for hydropower tunnels are an interesting task for excavation by TBM, which have been successfully rising to varied challenges

‘Mrs Vera’ ventures forth
30 August, 2022
Robbins’ TBM ‘Mrs Vera’ was launched earlier this year to complete a tunnelling challenge in karstic limestone below St Louis, Missouri

Big Tex breaks through on North America’s largest water tunnel project
04 August, 2022
The TBM has broken through on the Mill Creek Drainage Relief Tunnel in Texas – the largest water tunnel project under construction in North America.

Tunnelling restarts on St Louis’ Jefferson Barracks
18 May, 2022
A specialised Robbins 4.1m diameter main beam TBM has been launched in St Louis, Missouri, to bore Phase 2 of the Jefferson Barracks tunnel.

A long line of success
14 April, 2022
Dean Brox of Dean Brox Consulting reviews the benefits and successes associated with precast concrete tunnel linings when used for hydropower tunnels

Robbins main beam completes extremely challenging drive
01 April, 2022
An 8m diameter Robbins main beam TBM has completed a challenging drive to break through on China’s Yin Han Ji Wei project.

Tunnelling completed on Canada’s largest outfall
25 March, 2022
A 7.95m diameter Robbins single shield TBM has completed a record run below Lake Ontario, on the Ashbridges Bay Outfall project.

Driving TBM progress
28 January, 2022
Mechanised tunnelling systems are developing both in complexity and in the number of projects on which they are deployed. Patrick Reynolds looks at a few

Robbins XRE TBM breaks through in the Andes
06 January, 2022
Having bored through challenging variable ground with rock strengths of up to 60MPa UCS, a Robbins Crossover XRE TBM has broken through in the mountainous southern Maule region of Chile.

Squaring the circle
29 December, 2021
Lok Home, owner of Robbins, once sold his company to the Chinese then bought it back because he disliked what they were doing to it. He makes TBMs that cut the hardest of hard rock. Now he has made a TBM that breaks all the rules. Report by Julian Champkin

Tunnels facilitate water flow
29 November, 2021
Water system upgrades are keeping the North American tunnelling industry busy. Keren Fallwell reports

Robbins TBM hailed as world’s ‘fastest’ over 13m diameter
17 November, 2021
Crews and personnel from Robbins, Kolin Construction and Turkish State Railways (TCDD) have witnessed the breakthrough of what is claimed to be the world’s fastest TBM over a 13m diameter.

Pioneering blast-free technology could have big impact on tunnelling
01 November, 2021
Hillgrove Resources has announced what is claimed to be the world’s first portal to be excavated using blast-free continuous mining technology developed by Komatsu for the Kanmantoo copper mine in Australia.

Digging the deal on infrastructure
11 October, 2021
George Demetri takes a look at the state of US infrastructure, the possible causes of its lacklustre performance and how it may be improved, taking in along the way the views of some high-profile engineers and consultants