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Meeting challenges under pressure
14 November, 2011
Traditional compressed air work in tunnelling, also referred to in some quarters as caisson work and diving, has all but disappeared in modern tunnelling, but new challenges have been thrown up by deeper tunnels and those of larger section. These are being taken up by sophisticated procedures to ensure the safety of those involved in necessary work. Maurice Jones reviews some leading practitioners and their tunnelling work and equipment. Additional material from Nicole Robinson

Send in the divers
10 November, 2011
The expertise, ingenuity and bravery of commercial divers working with tunnels is unsurpassed. The services of divers can be called upon during normal operations as well as emergency situations, with each task placing its own demands on men and equipment. Maurice Jones, with Nicole Robinson, has been checking up on what is needed and why

Laser guided segment precision
20 October, 2011
T&TI visits the Morgan Sindall precast facility at Ridham Dock in Kent, UK. The plant is currently supplying segments for Thames Water’s Lee Tunnel. Alex Conacher takes the grand tour

Holding it together: the birth and life of a fibre
19 October, 2011
As a more light-hearted look at the subject of steel fibre reinforcement of precast concrete, but with serious content, this article is an insight into the sometimes dynamic life of a fibre from manufacture to being held in position in the structural lining of a tunnel. Maurice Jones followed its progress

Prepared for the long haul
18 October, 2011
Since precast concrete segmental tunnel lining was invented, there has never been so much development of the ‘product’ as in recent years, even though, superficially, it may look the same. Maurice Jones looks at some of these developments aimed at increasing tunnelling progress whilst avoiding mishaps

‘Tommy’ Talbott, as he was known
29 July, 2011

Membranes in the mix
22 July, 2011
There are many approaches to trying to keep a tunnel permanently dry, and as many factors in whether a method is a success. Maurice Jones enters the battle between competing membrane systems