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Kate Cooksey Interview
30 August, 2022
Kate Cooksey has completed one of the most unusual and challenges periods for any chair of the BTS. With much success achieved despite the trying times, she talks about the journey with Julian Champkin

‘Tommy’ Talbott, as he was known
29 July, 2011

Finesse in tough environments
10 November, 2010
Technologies employed underground to ensure positional accuracy have advanced at great pace over recent years. The portable computer, data processor and laser have all but replaced the tape, notepad and pencil. These, together with the introduction of lasers as reference axes and the toughening of electronics, have led to major benefits in productivity. Maurice Jones reviews some of the latest developments

Catch up on Crossrail
22 September, 2010
As contractors await the award of the two main tunnelling contracts for the GBP 15.9bn (USD 24.5bn) mega project, work on the stations is gathering pace. Bernadette Redfern gives this report

Britain’s got tunnels
15 September, 2010
With water projects underway, the industry has Crossrail on the brain and for good reason, it sets the tone for the future of tunnelling in the UK, reports Nicole Robinson

Thin barrier integrity – the easy way?
10 June, 2010
One of the major developments of recent years has been the development of sprayed linings, especially to control potential water make in an operational tunnel and to protect equipment and users from its effects. In this market it competes with many techniques, but chiefly coming up against the use of sheet membrane. So are sprayed membranes making serious inroads into this market and are there any limitations to this deceptively simple idea? Maurice Jones reports on some developments and applications.

UK’s ability to muster resources
23 March, 2010
With a heavy programme of tunnelling work ahead of it, the UK industry gathered in the ICE Telford Theatre in December to debate its ability to rise to the challenge. Hosted, appropriately, by the BTS Young Members, a packed audience of all ages and affiliations discussed an issue that has generated significant discussion among junior and senior members and is encompassed by the motion: This house believes that the UK tunnelling industry has the sufficient range of engineering expertise and resources to meet the challenges of future projects. As the meeting unfolded, nationalism, internationalism, ageism, and historic reference, all came into the discussion as Neville Harrison (Consultant) and Harnaik Mann (Arup and Vice-Chair of the BTS Young Members committee) proposed the motion and Jon Banyai (Mott MacDonald and Chair of the BTS YM Support Group) and John Edwards (Morgan Est) presented the opposition

Meeting shotcrete specifications
23 March, 2010
In the long history of shotcrete, or sprayed concrete, linings underground, never has so much been expected of them. In the transition in scope from hard rock primary support to soft ground permanent support, shotcrete is now expected to create structures under even more demanding conditions, but still at comparatively low cost. Here technical editor Maurice Jones reviews the state of some developments designed to meet such demands

Belfast Sewers Project – part 2
10 February, 2010
The Belfast Sewers Project was presented at the November 2009 meeting of the British Tunnelling Society. In the second of two articles on the project, Paul Ronicle of the Morgan Est - Farrans JV describes the construction challenges

Crossrail and Bond Street
09 February, 2010

Construction of Brighton sewage scheme begins
12 January, 2010

First major Tideway award
12 January, 2010

Morgan Est set for Barry bore
18 November, 2009

New route for Tideway
18 November, 2009

Ground movement disturbs Belfast street
18 November, 2009

Opening sets - the flat arch theory
02 June, 2009
Michele Mangione, Senior Tunnel Engineer, Arup describes here in his BTS?Harding Prize winning paper how the flat arch theory was used to create openings in cast iron tunnels with minimal disruption

More in store for Crossrail
01 June, 2009

DLR Woolwich link opens early
12 February, 2009

Call to BTS Young Members
30 January, 2009

Hope for Brighton sewer
27 October, 2008