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Athens ready to welcome WTC2023
27 April, 2023
This year’s World Tunnelling Congress (WTC2023) will feature the second highest number of papers at a WTC – 420 from 45 countries.

Amtrak launches RFQ for East River Tunnel upgrade
17 April, 2023
Amtrak has launched the procurement phase of New York’s East River Tunnel Rehabilitation Project with a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for construction services for the renewal of two of the four tubes in the tunnel.

Alison Norrish Interview
27 March, 2023
It is fun to go deep – but don’t do it. We can make our tunnels watertight – but should we? And what’s wrong with a few cracks in a tunnel wall anyway? Julian Champkin talked to Alison Norrish, urban tunneller extraordinaire, who challenges views on what makes good underground engineering

Ready for Rogfast
26 September, 2022
Early excavation is underway for Norway’s world-beating Rogfast subsea road tunnel, which also calls for a large access tunnel and shaft construction from a midway island. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Welcome back to WTC
03 August, 2022
The industry is on a countdown to meeting up again at ITA’s World Tunnelling Congress, held this year in Copenhagen, hosted by the Danish Society for Tunnels and Underground Works (DFTU). T&T offers a first preview

Update on Metro Projects in Europe and Asia
22 June, 2022
R Pandita and M Rehbock-Sander (both of Amberg Engineering) presented this paper at WTC2020 Malaysia and describe selected aspects of European and Asian metro projects, including geotechnics, construction, safety, ventilation and risk

Work begins on Fehmarnbelt tunnel entrance
12 May, 2022
Work has started on the Fehmarnbelt tunnel’s Danish portal building, where train and road traffic will descend and drive through the 18km-long tunnel to Germany.

Dredging resumes on Fehmarnbelt Tunnel
09 February, 2022
Work on the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel can resume after the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig rejected an appeal from an environmental group to stop dredging on the German side.

Action group seeks halt to Fehmarnbelt Tunnel dredging
19 January, 2022
Following ‘urgent’ concerns raised by an environmental group, a federal court in Leipzig, Germany has recommended a suspension of dredging work at contended reef areas on the German side of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link.

NATM through challenging fault zones
07 September, 2021
Ryo Kashiwagi of Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency (JRTT) discusses the challenges from tunnelling the double-track Shinkansen railway which is close to an existing highway tunnel in an extremely soft fault crush zone

Crossing the roads
18 June, 2021
The Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel expansion scheme will bring new life to the most congested route in Virginia. Julian Champkin reports

Beneath Oslo and the deep fjords
17 July, 2020
Dr Benoît Jones reports on the British Tunnelling Society’s evening meeting which discussed the technical challenges posed by future tunnels in Norway

Stantec makes leadership appointments
12 February, 2020
Stantec has announced its leadership group for its Infrastructure business as of January. Susan Walter will be taking over as executive vice president, infrastructure for Stantec’s global operations. Susan’s appointment to the position comes as Stuart Lerner, who has helmed the business for two years, is promoted to chief operating officer, North America.

TAC Directors’ Reports / Quebec and Maritimes
22 October, 2019
Every autumn the TAC directors report on projects and activities in their regions.

Little by little
30 September, 2019
Paola De Pascali spoke with Gísli Eiríksson, the chair of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration (IRCA) and Einar Hrafn Hjálmarsson, ÍAV managing director for earthworks, to explore the challenges of the tunnelling industry in Iceland

Northern exposure
27 September, 2019
A round-up of tunnel work in the Nordic Forum

Under the sea
04 June, 2019
Paola De Pascali spoke with Henrik Christensen, Femern technical director to explore logistics and dredging challenges behind the Fehmarnbelt tunnel

MTA awards contract for an East Access tunnel
18 January, 2019
US – Skanska USA announced January 10 it has signed a contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) to work on East Side Access.

TAC Directors’ Annual Reports
26 October, 2018
Each regional director for the TAC writes a report in October sharing the status of work and forthcoming projects in the five chapters across Canada

Combining Two Soft Ground TBM Technologies
27 March, 2018
The development of Herrenknecht’s Variable Density TBM is detailed by Karin Bäppler, head of geotechnics and consulting for traffic tunnelling; Frédéric Battistoni, division manager for traffic tunnelling and Werner Burger, manager of the design division - traffic tunneling