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London crawling
27 August, 2012
As T&TI goes to press in its London offices, and the world watches the city prepare for the Olympics, locals are bemused at the prospect of inviting 5.3 million guests from all over the world to fight for a seat on the aging, and massively over-capacity infrastructure in the UK capital.

Talking tunnels
16 April, 2012
In ‘his’ first appearance for some years Drifter, the old T&T favourite, returns on page 58 to urge tunnellers to be more talkative. He calls for everyone to become more vocal in his or her support of the industry and in educating others on the importance of underground infrastructure. In a similar vein, the incoming and outgoing chairs of the British Tunnelling Society (BTS) argue the importance of raising tunnelling awareness with politicians and clients. Damian McGirr and Bob Ibell argue that a steady future workload can be achieved by ensuring each city planner has the use of underground space firmly on the agenda. McGirr says the BTS will be central in making this happen.