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  Date 2016
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Impervious Infrastructure
08 December, 2016
Spray on waterproof membranes remain a niche market but when it comes to complex geometries and potential tunnel design the advantages are becoming more widely understood and accepted

New president for Institute of Fire Safety Managers
03 November, 2016
Great Britain - Fire safety consultant Graham Green is the new president of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM). The appointment was made at the annual Fire Sector Summit held at the Royal Academy of Surgeons in London.

Tunnelling begins on NLE
28 October, 2016
Great Britain - Tunnelling for the first extension to London’s Northern Line since the 1960s began last month. The running tunnels towards the Kennington loop are being constructed by 15t Schaeff excavators and lined with sprayed concrete and should take about three months to build.

Cowi’s UK businesses unite under parent brand
10 October, 2016
Great Britain - Flint & Neil and Donaldson Associates will rebrand as Cowi, the Danish company announced. The change will come into effect on 1 January 2017.

Monitoring temporary works in tunnels
22 September, 2016
The March presentation to the British Tunnelling Society describes the application of 'cloud based data' to real time review of temporary works performance against design within tunnels, illustrated by a number of example projects in the UK and Hong Kong. Presenters were Angus Maxwell, chief executive of Maxwell Geosystems and Marcos Invernici, standing in for Anmol Bedi, both of Bedi Consulting

Test of Strength
17 August, 2016
The redevelopment of Bond Street Tube station has recently trialled a new method of early strength monitoring of shotcrete. Rhian Owen highlights the risks of spraying concrete and how Strength Monitoring Using Thermal Imaging (SMUTI) could help eliminate the dangers

All academic?
17 August, 2016
Research from academics in UK institutions is improving understanding of tunnels and the effects of building them, making construction more cost effi cient and tunnels safer all over the world. Bernadette Ballantyne reports

Crossrail 2 public concerns addressed
12 July, 2016
GREAT BRITAIN – Transport for London and Network Rail published their response to a recent Crossrail 2 public consultation.

Tunnel warfare
11 July, 2016
Former Tunnels and Tunnelling Editorial Advisory Board chairman Myles O’Reilly gives this compelling account of some historical techniques and cases of tunnelling used to conduct war. This is the first of a two-part article

Transport for London seeks training provider
15 June, 2016
GREAT BRITAIN – Transport for London (TfL) has launched a procurement process to secure a new training provider for the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA) in East London.

BTS Christmas debate
09 June, 2016
In December 2015 the British Tunnelling Society met to debate the assertion: "This house believes further development of SCL for complex urban tunnels is the best way forward for our industry”. The rapporteur is Paul Perry of Donaldson Associates

Fisher street crossover: construction of the secondary lining
08 June, 2016
Engineers working at the Fisher Street Crossrail site analyse the secondary lininginstalled for a crossover between the two main lines

Achievements and Aspirations
08 June, 2016
Last month saw a changing of the guard at the BTS, with Roger Bridge handing the Chairman’s baton over to Mark Leggett. They spoke to Sally Spencer about achievements thus far and plans for the future

Britain launches segmental lining code of practice
20 April, 2016
GREAT BRITAIN – A specification for the design of concrete segmental linings was launched in mid-April. The document, “Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 8810:2016 – Tunnel Design: Design of concrete segmental linings: Code of practice” was produced by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and lead technical author Arup.

Read, learn, think
14 March, 2016
After several requests from British engineers, Tunnels and Tunnelling speaks with Bob Ibell, chairman of London Bridge Associates about his career and the unusual set up of his current company, which was formed to escape the whims of corporate decision-makers, and secure work across the project life cycle.

Meeting the challenge
14 March, 2016
A small engineering company in Essex is making a big contribution to Europe’s largest infrastructure project, Crossrail. Sally Spencer Reports.

It’s warmer down below
14 March, 2016
Paul Perry reviews Sir Harold Harding's autobiography: ‘It’s warmer down below’, edited by Amanda Davey.

London bids for WTC 2019
29 January, 2016
GREAT BRITAIN – The British Tunnelling Society has formally announced its candidacy to host the World Tunnel Congress and ITA General Assembly in 2019. The capital London is the city put forward by the BTS steering committee for the bid in January 2016. The vote will take place at WTC 2016 in San Francisco this April.