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  Date 2011
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Ventilation and climate for a 53km trans-Andean base tunnel
26 December, 2011
This paper, adapted from that presented at the Underground Construction conference in London, UK, inApril by Andrea Krpo, describes ventilation concepts, including fire control, for a proposed rail basetunnel through the Andes to improve transport between Argentina and Chile. Co-authors are Mattia Ferrazzini, Michael Flueckiger and Peter Reinke, all of HBI Haerter of Berne, Switzerland

Corrosion proofing to protect sewers
19 December, 2011
In 2006, the EPA reported on emerging technologies in gravity sewer conveyance liners. Since that time some of the technologies in corrosion proofing of segmented liners have emerged. In the first of a two-part series Jon Kaneshiro, David Yankovich and Kenneth Kuhr of Parsons Corporation review available one- and two-pass corrosion proof liner systems

T&T Awards 2011 results
15 December, 2011

Crossrail awards Farringdon and Whitechapel
30 November, 2011

China's monster metro plans
17 November, 2011

In the belly of the beast
10 November, 2011
T&TI cuts through the bureaucratic smoke and mind-boggling statistics to unearth what it means to set up shop in the world’s fastest growing superpower. Alex Conacher enters the dragon’s lair to speak with Paul Jenkins of Mott MacDonald and Gary Ge of Arup

T&T Awards shortlist
09 November, 2011

NATM?safety in soft ground questioned
02 November, 2011

TUCA opens its doors to the industry
02 November, 2011

TCR a century on: five worksites in one
18 October, 2011
Tottenham Court Road is undergoing two major development projects, for Crossrail and London Underground. The ageing station’s concrete structure has had over 100 years to set and with few records to warn of what lies beyond it, tunnellers have to be ready for anything - there are even rumours of a discarded TBM. Alex Conacher visits the site and meets with resident tunnelling bigwigs

Where the work is
18 October, 2011
As T&TI goes to press the general and business media are awash with stories of economic gloom and dire predictions, and yet the tunnelling industry in Western Europe seems relatively buoyant. Can this comparatively happy state continue? Maurice Jones checks on the major current and planned projects and the prospects for some big players headquartered in Western Europe

Mitigation and alternatives: making hand mining better
26 September, 2011
A current trend in tunnelling, as in many other industries, is against manual labour, but in many situations hand mining seems the logical first choice until one considers the hazards involved that are arguably greater then those associated with large-section tunnelling. Maurice Jones checks on the current status of the activity, mitigation to improve hand mining, and the alternatives offered by some equipment manufacturers.

Predicted and encountered deformations
25 August, 2011
Andreas Feiersinger of Dr. Sauer Company was the runner up in the British Tunnelling Society 2011 Harding Prize for this paper comparing deformations predicted using 3D Finite Element Analysis with those encountered on the Green Park station upgrade in London

Grouting supports tunnelling market
24 August, 2011
The principles of grouting to improve the stability of ground around underground excavations has been known for a long time, but greater attention to the basic questions of ‘where?’ and ‘when?’ has led to grouting operations that are much more sophisticated than pumping mortar into the ground more in hope than judgement. Maurice Jones explores some of the more advanced grouting techniques now being used and how they help make more tunnelling projects possible or easier

Experiences with sprayed waterproofing
23 August, 2011
The following article is based on a presentaton made to the ‘Underground Construction‘ conference in June in London and is based on the experiences of three tunnel engineers on projects utilising sprayed waterproof membranes. The authors are David Naylor, Petr Salak and Simon Stephenson, at the time all of Mott MacDonald consulting engineers

Qatar set for next tunnelling boom
22 August, 2011
Mechanised tunnelling is finding favour in the Middle East as infrastructure plans increasingly call for underground development. Bernadette Ballantyne reports

GLA’S Transport Committee demands HS2 changes
05 August, 2011

‘Tommy’ Talbott, as he was known
29 July, 2011

The end of one man’s era at Halcrow, marks a UK tunnelling legacy
28 July, 2011

Keeping London Underground dry
25 July, 2011
In the complex and sometimes ancient world of the London Underground, or ‘Tube’ as it is known colloquially, maintenance and refurbishment are major priorities within a capacity improvements programme. Water control is only one, but an important, part of this. Maurice Jones spoke to Dr Keith Bowers, Engineer in charge of London Underground tunnels for Transport for London