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Keeping hold of the natural balance
24 June, 2022
Careful groundwater management was vital to build Copenhagen’s metro and, elsewhere, dewatering is taking on more tunnelling challenges. Report by Patrick Reynolds

Robbins reborn
30 April, 2021
After a brief period involving Chinese part-ownership, veteran TBM pioneer Lok Home has bought back his company to set the revived Robbins on a new course of growth. Julian Champkin spoke to him

Over and under
25 April, 2018
The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and Tunnel project called for the construction of two artificial islands linked by a 6.7km-long subsea tunnel. The impressive project shows tunnelling to be a versatile solution for this busy shipping lane. The authors of this article are Lin Ming, China Communications Construction Co; Lin Wei, CCCC Highway Consultants Co.; Liu Xiaodong, CCCC Highway Consultants Co.; Yin Haiqing, CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Co.; Lu Yongchang, CCCC-FHDI Engineering Co.; Liang Heng, China Harbour Engineering Co. and Gao Jibin, CCCC Second Harbour Engineering Co.

Heritage brand
31 October, 2016
A buoyed tunnelling industry and a number of domestic political gestures are restoring confidence in uK manufacturing. Davy Markham is one brand looking to increase its showing in the tunnelling industry. Alex Conacher reports

Bangkok metro extension
17 October, 2014
Complex station works, and tunnel drives constrained by logistical and property issues are needed for the Blue Line metro extension in Thai capital Bangkok. Some of the stations are highly visible near the famous old parts of the city. Report and pictures by Adrian Greeman.

Copenhagen copes
28 February, 2013
Alex Conacher speaks to Guy Taylor, project director of client Metroselskabet, and Soren Eskesen, head of Cityringen tunnelling for the client, and chair of the Danish Tunnel and Underground Works Association for this update from site, and a new project offshoot, as the first machine arrives in port and site preparations draw to a close

Kawasaki’s nine months report and forecast
16 February, 2012

ESP filtration use and developments
08 February, 2012
Mountainous Japan was the first country to use electrostatic precipitators to filter tunnel air. Arnold Dix of the University of Western Sydney and Atsushi Katatani of Panasonic Ecology Systems give a history of the improvements and use of ESPs in Japanese tunnels

Prepared for the long haul
18 October, 2011
Since precast concrete segmental tunnel lining was invented, there has never been so much development of the ‘product’ as in recent years, even though, superficially, it may look the same. Maurice Jones looks at some of these developments aimed at increasing tunnelling progress whilst avoiding mishaps

Dynamism of the East
22 August, 2011
Running along the fiery Asia Pacific coast are some of the most explosive tunneling markets in the world. Hong Kong is booming, Japan is storming ahead in innovation, Malaysia is clamping down on corruption and Singapore is a hot bed of activity. Alex Conacher tries to keep up

Hitachi Zosen TBM to excavate Alaskan Way tunnel
18 July, 2011

First orders for Seli-Kawasaki venture
17 June, 2011

Choices for excavation–part 2
15 June, 2011
In this second and final part of our review of the extended capabilities of modern tunnel excavation methods, we examine the leading role of tunnel boring machines. Maurice Jones contacted some leading TBM manufacturers for their views and developments to expand the envelope of capabilities

Of the rising sun
14 June, 2011
An economy in recession, a landscape reeling from an unprecedented natural disaster and, as yet, unknown damage to subterranean structures. Yet no country could be as well-prepared as Japan to take hits on both these fronts. With the help of the Japanese Tunnelling Association (JTA), Alex Conacher explores the situation in North East Asia, with focus on a Japan determined to hit the ground running

Shinagawa drive exceeds rate expectations
03 June, 2011

Singapore sting
13 April, 2011
TBM firms on new metro projects in Singapore are being asked to provide performance bonds direct to the client that can be called on in the event of a dispute during construction, regardless of who is at fault. John McKenna reports

The 2010 Harding Lecture (Part 2)
01 December, 2010
British Tunnelling Society, Harding Lecture, 15th April 2010

Seli and Kawasaki extend partnership
10 August, 2010

Seli and Kawasaki partnership
28 April, 2010

Subsidence at Singapore Circle Line
11 June, 2008