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UK’s largest TBM rotated in reception chamber
24 March, 2023
Engineers working on London’s Silvertown Tunnel have used nitrogen ‘skates’ to rotate the first section to the TBM in the reception chamber.

Second breakthrough made on Vancouver subway
24 March, 2023
The Broadway Subway Project Corporation, an Acciona Ghella joint venture, has made a second tunnel breakthrough on Vancouver’s Broadway Subway Project.

Tunnelling on the Hampton Roads-Bridge Tunnel Expansion expected to start next month
20 March, 2023
TBM assembly is under way on the Hampton Roads-Bridge Tunnel Expansion Project (HRBT) – the largest construction project ever awarded in the state of Virginia – and tunnelling is expected to start next month.

London Power Tunnels completes first underwater breakthrough
14 March, 2023
A TBM working on National Grid’s London Power Tunnels (LPT) has completed its drive in a flooded shaft in south-east London.

Breakthrough celebrated on Lima Metro
13 March, 2023
The TBM boring Line 2 of the Lima Metro has broken through at Buenos Aires Station in the port of Callao.

HS2 TBMs pass Amersham shaft
03 March, 2023
The two TBMs digging HS2’s longest tunnels have completed more than half of their 16.1km drive.

First bore completed for Silvertown Tunnel
27 February, 2023
The first bore on London’s Silvertown Tunnel has been completed.

Giant TBM breaks through on West Gate Tunnel project
22 February, 2023
TBM Vida has completed excavation on Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel project, marking the largest breakthrough ever to occur in the Southern Hemisphere.

Vital tunnels for utilities
16 February, 2023
Utility tunnels are among key underground investments in two major Canadian cities – Toronto and Vancouver

Segment production starts for Brenner Lot H41
09 February, 2023
Production of the segments for Lot H41 Sillschlucht-Pfons – one of the largest of the Brenner Base Tunnel – starts today.

TBMs reach halfway on HS2’s longest tunnels
02 February, 2023
The two TBMs excavating HS2’s longest tunnels have passed the halfway point on their 16km journey under the Chilterns.

Broadway Subway TBM makes first breakthrough
25 January, 2023
The first of two TBMs excavating Vancouver’s Broadway Subway Project has broken through at the future Mount Pleasant Station.

Tunnelling begins on Scarborough Subway Extension
23 January, 2023
Tunnelling is under way on Toronto’s Scarborough Subway Extension.

Approach to multiple drives
23 January, 2023
Acciona continues to manage multiple TBM tunnelling projects across the globe, employing a strategy that includes its own stock of shields as well as new machines, and significant data gathering and analysis

Taking steps to speed forward
23 January, 2023
Herrenknecht has won a major award for its new TBM continuous tunnelling system, has other advanced systems in operation, and is also developing automation for segment production

Varied tunneling challenges in BC
16 January, 2023
Two tunneling projects in British Columbia present Acciona with quite different excavationchallenges – Broadway metro extension, in Vancouver, and BC Hydro’s Site C

Brenner Base Tunnel TBM passes factory test
03 January, 2023
The first of two TBMs for one of the longest sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel on Austrian territory has passed its Factory Acceptance Test.

Broadway Subway Project launches second TBM
14 December, 2022
Metro Vancouver’s Broadway Subway Project has launched the second of two TBMs.

Silvertown Tunnel TBM reaches River Thames
21 November, 2022
The TBM digging the new Silvertown Tunnel in London has reached the River Thames.

Johann Herdina interview
21 November, 2022
With a tunnelling career spanning decades in the Alps, Johann Herdina has significant experience leading on the planning and delivery of major underground projects. He talks to Julian Champkin